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Thread: Van on Ebay-Screaming deal....

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    Van on Ebay-Screaming deal....

    Check this out so far..2hrs left $10,600,cdn, Man, after seeing this I emailed to get a quote from a transport just to get an idea how much it would cost for delivery in the future. Incase a screaming deal comes up. Of course someone could have a Max bid that's way higher, none the less, interesting.

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    No Way $10,700, that van would've sold for $25,000 here easy. Geez could've bought it and flipped it and made 10g's after shipping.Cant let this slide. I want a new van now, I'm definately gonna keep my eyeballs peeled on Ebay.

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    a '97 3.3l with 115,000
    plus coming from florida
    I would say its a flood car

    they settle with the insurance company then sell it. When you attempt to register it, it pops up as a "restoration" title. then you stuck with it because the value just went to $1500
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    Do a $8 title search... it'll reveal info like wrecks, floods, etc.

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    Somethin fishy there. Looked at the bid history and saw the same cat bid like 7 times in succession till the reserve was met, then one last hit to get it over 9k. I did read the seller claimed it wasn't a cane car tho!
    Anywho, if legit, it was a damn good price.

    Myself, I hate buyin somthin without a little hands on demo first.

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    So I got the quote back:

    $912.00 PICKUP COST:
    $1,617.00 DELIVERY COST:
    $78.00 FUEL SURCHARGE:
    $208.56 GST:
    $0.00 TOTAL PRICE:

    That's a lil more than I was thinking, but, that's a long haul for sure. Florida to BC. So, if a screaming deal shows up somewhere it would still be worth it. Also if it was from Florida it would be the furthest away than anywhere so it would be cheaper delivery from anywhere else hmmmmm. Geez, say California, it would be a quarter that, it's only a 2 day drive. Actually, I'd have to weigh the pros and cons of driving it (mileage) or transport from somewhere like California.

    I would also of course do all the checks possible, including having CAA doing a complete buyers check, test drive etc. I would also try and track down someone who may live close by to also check it out. Through family or friends or even someone here from our site.
    I would be more than happy to check out a vehicle for you and make sure everything was completely checked over, if any of you guys were interested in something here. It would be nice to know you guys would do the same.

    I also have to check out how duty and tax works with vehicles coming across the border. Maybe after all that, it wouldn't be worth it. I have a feeling Duty will probably be high, we'll see. Although it would be used, so maybe not

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    how much do used vans sell for? i have a pretty nice 1996 grand caravan with 3.8L v6, 130,000 miles. i am considering switching to a car so i am curious how much it would be worth.

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    Joey go to This is the book that car dealers use. You can also go to Their quotes will give you an idea as to what its worth.

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    IMO, for a conversion, the high mileage makes me leary. yes, it seems like a great price, but being from Fla. is something to be leary of too, esp. if the vehicle was from somewhere near the beach... salt in the air will destroy a vehicle also....

    i DO NOT trust eBay..... if it sounds too good, it prolly is...

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    The new carpet told me that it was a flood van.

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