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Thread: Suddenly starting to void urine spontaneously after 17 years?

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    Suddenly starting to void urine spontaneously after 17 years?

    Chad has voided urine while asleep or in bed several times over the last few days and weeks, probably 5-6 times. Ever since his injury in 1988, he has never voided spontaneously before - he absolutely must be cathed to void urine, his spinchter is very tight (usually). Right now he appears to have a UTI, but it just started last night so I'm not sure we can attribute the voiding in the past weeks to this UTI.

    Thoughts? Should we be worried? At what point do we go to the doctor?

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    "Suddenly starting to voice urine spontaneously after 17 years?" Yikes, that's got to leave a bad taste in his mouth. You should definately seek help for this, but would you go to a urologist or a dentist?
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    It could be due to the UTI, but I would consult with his urologist. When did he last have urodynamics? His bladder can change with time, which is why urodynamics are recommended every 2-3 years, and more often if changes or problems are noted.


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    Hi Zillzangel,

    I'm 50 years old. I can't void a drop without catheterizing either. Like you say it's probably a tight bladder sphincter but it could also be an enlarged prostate. My able-bodied brother who is 2 years older than me is having difficulty urinating too. Odds are that in his case it's an enlarged prostate common in men starting to get up in years. He really struggles trying to urinate and should see a doctor about it soon. Like me he dreads going to the doctor so has been putting it off like men are apt to do.

    But if I get a bladder infection I will leak a little bit. Maybe Chad was getting a bladder infection for the past few weeks or his normal bacterial colonization was slowly but steadily increasing or getting worse. Or a different organism got in there and they were battling it out for the past few weeks and the newer, different and now stronger bacteria won the war and now Chad has a symptomatic UTI.

    Have him treated for a UTI but maybe it's time for him to have a prostate exam as well. And as Nurse KLD recommends a full urodynamics.

    Good luck to you and Chad.
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