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Thread: Irregular urine output

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    Irregular urine output

    About 5 or 6 weeks ago, my urine output began to confuse me. I usually drink about the same amount each day, so I was surprised when I would have much higher output some days and much lower output other days. Does the body store fluids some times?
    Also, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I began to tape a catheter in place for the night (as was suggested in this forum). Now, during the day, I notice my bladder filling up quicker and with higher volumes than normal. It is very confusing, especially when I have had very little to drink. It usually leaves me wondering "Where is this pee coming from?"
    Do you have any thoughts on this?

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    Urine output can change if you alter what (if any) drugs you take and when you take them. And if you drink alcohol in any large quantity (6 pack or more but drinking whiskey/spirits really dries you out) you'll find that your body has kinda dried out the next day and you won't have the same urine output. This lower output can last for a couple of days until your body has balanced itself out again.

    And if you're prone to severe edema or swelling in your legs due to sitting for long periods of time, once you get into bed and raise your legs your body starts removing the water from them so you'll need to urinate more often.

    Those are only things that I can think of.
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    i think your body takes what it needs.......just because u put 36oz of water in, doesnt mean youll get 36 oz out....alot of variables....whats in your stomach, is a big one. example. if you eat dinner then drink 36oz of water most will be absorbed by the food in your belly. rep
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    Urine Output

    I presently have a cold and have the same problem with lower urine output. I had no fever but none the less the urine output was less. I think that perhaps certain events such as a cold can cause some dehydration and effect output. Anyone else experience this?

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    decreased urine output might also have to do with the medication you are taking to treat the symptoms of the cold.

    It's definitely not a 1-1 ratio between what you drink in and what you urinate out. Figure that fluids leave your body as you exhale, as you sweat, what keeps your stool soft.

    I've noticed that I'll drink a lot of water and have very little pee, and then over the next few days, the urine volumes will be increased ...

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    big dave, I think you may be using my night time voiding "system" that I found works great for me...and hopefully to others as well. How do you like taping the catheter in place at night and getting a full nights sleep? Anyway, to answer your question in this post; my understanding is that people urinate more in the cold temperature (winter). In cold weather the body experiences "vasoconstriction" or narrowing of the blood vessels. This "vasoconstriction" creates greater volume pressure in the blood
    stream. The kidneys pull off excess fluid to reduce the pressure. A full bladder is a place for additional heat loss so urinating will help conserve heat.The human body loses water in many ways during the winter. For example, although it may not seem as pronounced, exercising in cold weather still causes the body to lose substantial amounts of water through sweating. Cold, winter air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, therefore drier air draws more moisture from the lungs as we breathe. In addition, interior environments are usually very dry in the winter due to drying heating methods. The decreased interior humidity also increases water loss from the lungs and skin. When the body becomes chilled, blood is drawn away from the periphery limbs (i.e. arms, legs, skin) toward the interior organs to preserve vital body heat for these life-sustaining tissues. The directing of blood to the interior increases its flow to the kidneys, automatically increasing the kidney filtration rate and urine output. This effect is called cold diuresis. Cold weather increases the (bodies) metabolism and (the) associated water needs required to maintain healthy body temperature. Not sure this answers your question but this is what I've been told and read about it. Also, I've noticed over the years that I urinate more during the day when my bowels are full and urinate less (and darker urine) when my bowels are empty.

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