I recently saw again, the Muderball guys set us back years. They so casually and "painfully to hip" and crazy... say, life's great wouldn't change a thing??? What a Crock of shit that is. They certainly don't live in my world. I wish they would not speak for all of us. Mr. murder-ball Goon is a young man.. play him back his tape when he turns 50.. then lets see how Rosy SCI's are then! Fools.. that speak for all are just that, Fools. These are SNOFLAKE INJURIES (Period) NO ONE IS THE SAME. but I TELL YOU THIS... no one IS RUNING AROUND RAMMING INTO OTHER DUDES IN CHARS THAT HAVE SEVERE NEUROPATHIC PAIN AS I DO. No ONE... this I promise is correct! I was the toughest dude you ever wanted to meet pre SCI...and just as suedo crazy as these dudes. But this level of pain is capable of ending ones life, loosing the will and strength to go on, and even makes it hard to get out of bed or move to Cath! We need something that works specifically on SCI's, not left over meds that are intended for other purposes. Re-direct more of the fund raising money and study pain, bowels, bladder, skin etc, etc. As we all must realise by now... all the BS about stem cell this and stem Cell that, is way way far off in the distance, if at all.. Our Grand kids will be taking vacation on the Moon before we can actually get something that can be classified as a cure? CURE... what a frickin joke that is. Cure. Where are the hig Profile privately funded mega institutions with the bold brash annual "CURE" chant? I want to come and get cured... When can you schedule me my appointment for my Cure session??????? Mean while, can I live like you guys... raising the money... setting my own salary.. HHummm. I could get pretty used to that life, I'll bet. That would be cool. My sources tell me an awful lot of people are living large and the Dough might not be getting to all the right spots? Some have suggested that they appear to be off track at this point and are trying to put the horse before the cart. How can you Cure something starting at the wrong end. Start at the beginning.., Fix and check off the Bowels (Check), Fix and Check off the Bladder (Check) Fix and Check off pain (Check). Lets try to give us a better life while you guys are spending god knows how much money on CURE??? (Code name: Joke) People need to live better now!!!! Far to many SCI's are living like animals... it sad, dirty and we should all be ashamed. This injury can take ordinary hard working people and turn them into pig sti living, overnight. Oh... I realize the silver spoon crowd doesn't wind up like that... a little skimming here and there and... budda Bing a $300M annual salary can get even a SCI person to fare pretty well. People are in desperate PAIN NOW!!! Take another 20 or so years on the CURE... but get the little things fixed and climb the ladder. Then when the dots are connected we might have something we can call a semi cure or a little better lifestyle. Give me my bowels back... that's where more moolah needs to get shuffled. Relieve us from Hells Pain.. that's where more Moolah needs to get shuffled. Go ahead and build a few more mega- houses to live in... I dont think most of even care about that...., but, please direct a little more financing to some areas that are less likely to get a Hollywood Headline, but more realistic for improving life of the common man that is unfortunate to have a SCI. Lastly before I hear that they do great work and leave them alone. No way... they have managed to corner most of the fund raising efforts and are may have gotten off target. Lastly, ask yourself this question? If these high profile institutions were doing such a great job... would not the millions and millions have delivered something more? Hummm... Do they take in and help people with insurance outside of here own plans... no insurance in critical times when families cannot even think about that shit, let alone money at all. The just need their loved ones fricking spine operated on and they will figure out the rest later. Uhhhh Doubtful that will happen at the places I know of. Actually, you are told to bring cash! Hummm.. sounds just Great dosnt it. Anybody want to start a fund raising effort. A 10 bedroom house with a pool and gym and sauna and massage room sounds mighty nice to me? I might even forget about my pain a little... LOL. If I had it my way, Wise would get most of the Dough, a few other Docs we know are on track the rest. Keep up the great work, Wise. The average Joe Spinal Cord Dude has your back! LOL, Life is great, isnt it. Happy Frickin New Year! Mike (Florida)