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Thread: Snowmobiling???

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    It will be 3 years this January 11th that I broke my back snowmobiling.
    I'm thinking about trying to ride again. The sleds are big enough now. I won't worry about tipping over and they have two passenger sleds so I can just strap my chair to the back.
    I'm T-10 level so balance should be good.
    Is there anyone here who still rides with there chair strapped to the sled.
    I'm gonna try to ride again in my back yard when we get some more snow.
    If I do good enough then I'll be going back to the north woods of Wisconsin to try the trails again.
    I'm up for any suggestions if I should try it again.

    "Hey, you fall off the horse, you have to get back on!!!"

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    I admire the sentiment man. But after having thought about it. I sold my sled post injury because while it still seemed quite possible that I could ride, I didn't think I'd ever be able to ride HARD again, and that's where the fun was.

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    It will be seven years January 26 when I broke my neck snowmobiling. I still think about riding sometimes, but with the short winters along with the expense, I rarely miss it. But just the freedom to get out and tear up the trails is something I'll never forget. It it was definitely fun, while it lasted.

    I remember reading on here a couple of years back, one of the CC members was a para who had his chair strapped to the back of his sled. He said he very much still enjoyed riding. I wouldn't be scared, jump on one and tear it up.

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    I have been riding for the last 10 years I have riden 1 up sleds and 2 up sleds I have a Skidoo 2 Up right now I don't strap my sled to the back,When we go for lunch the guys will just carry me in.The sled I have now has a back rest on it but I have pretty good balance.

    Mike T12

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    Nick, way cool to try it again. But don't forget about keeping warm as well as your cushion getting cold, etc. by hauling chair. Handwarmers, etc. might be answer to those. And whether ab or dis, don't go it alone. I hope you get it figured out and enjoy riding again soon. ~T.
    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.

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    Hi, I've been lurking here for a while now wondering if I had anything to contribute.

    Seeing that you are a T10 I would suggest you would have no trouble riding a snowmobile. I'm a T12-L1 - 22 years post - and i've been riding snowmobile for years now.

    I first started a year after my accident. 4 or 5 years later I sold my first machine when I moved to the city. I purchased another in 96 when I moved to the 'burbs and I've been riding every winter since.

    I usually leave my chair behind unless we are going to a cabin or something. I love the sense of freedom riding gives me. Here's a picture of me on my Polaris.

    Here are more pictures...and more

    Just get on a machine and try it. I'm sure you'll do fine!

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    A buddy of mine (T8) has been ridin snowmobiles for years.He doesnt take his chair with him often,cause where ya gonna push it in the snow,but when he does ive seen it flipped upside down strattling the seat behind with a bike tie-down strapped over it..Looked snug&tight

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    Any low level quads try snowmobiling?

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    Go for it. Just make sure you have a couple other people along as well, to dig you out when you get stuck. My son, Brian has been snowmobiling for 4 yrs. now(5 yrs. post). He is 21, and a very extreme rider, they go to the Rocky Mountains in BC to find the deep snow and big climbs. He loves it. You'll be fine. Have a hoot.
    chris B.

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    Looks like fun. I sure do miss it.
    I'll post here again if I ever try riding this year. The way things are looking it isn't gonna be soon. They are calling for high's in the fifties in a couple of days.

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