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Thread: Pain I can not describe in words!!

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    Pain I can not describe in words!!

    I was in a MVA on April 1st, 2005. I was diagnosed with servere whiplash to the left side of my neck and central spine. I have servere pain just a little above my bra line down to my buttucks as well as under my right shoulder blade with some days being both left and right. I went for physio for approx. 6 months which did not help other then for strenght. I use a TENS machine on a daily basis in order to accomplish my daily routine, although this does not take away the pain, but reduces it to a certain degree. I am a mother of four, one of which who has Cereybal Palsy and wheel chair bound. I will be seen in late January, 2006 by an Orthopedic to run other types of test to determine exacty what is wrong with my back. I suffer from spasims daily which are very painful and prohibits me from following through with my daily routine. Christmas this year was a task at hand, let me tell you. I can walk for approx. 20 minutes with several stops due to increased pain. I also can not sleep for more then 1.5 hours at a time from this. I can not rotate from side to side or even sleep on my stomach as in the past. I, at times feel burning sensations in my legs and or "cold" feelings. Having four beautiful children was less painful then this car accident. If anyone has any answer's as to what the pain is associated by, please respond back as I would greatly appreciate it. Babyface
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    No clue but hope you feel better

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    No clue either--have you seen a neurologist?

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    Have you had a MRI? Geeesh this dont sound good. I would go as soon as possible to the ER if need be. You should not mess around with this at all. You need to seek some help one way or another. You cant go on like this.
    Best wishes.

    I read a very simular story about a woman just like you and she went a while too and she had a broken neck.
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    When is the last time you saw your doctor? Get an immediate appointment and ask him/her what is wrong. I wish you het best.

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    Hello Babyface,

    I do not know where you live so it is very hard to suggest you to go to see a specialist in a certain field.

    From what you are saying in your message, it looks like you have many dislocated and / or pinched nerves in your back area and maybe other places. All those nerves need to be rest.

    I know as I am a Special Massage Therapist, a Reflexologist, an Acupressurist and a Dislocated and / or a Pinched Nerve Specialist. I get many cases similar to your and it takes about 4 to 6 treatments to bring you back feeling about 75% better and with some monthly treatments, it could come back to about 90%. It depends on your injuries you had.

    If you wish to contact me directly to talk about it, here is my Email address at " " and my Web Site Address is " ".

    Good Luck


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    Babyface; what did the MRI report say? I am a Chief MRI Tech with a SCI son. If you have not had a MRI with a special "STIR" sequence you must right away. xxxxxxxx

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    Babyface, along with everything else you're doing make sure you have a physiatrist (rehab doctor) experienced in neuropathic pain caused by SCI. This type of pain is very challenging to deal with and sometimes the best that can be achieved is a reduction, not an elimination of the pain. I'm glad you have a TENS unit, as you discovered that can help at least some. Other meds that aren't typically thought of as pain meds can help. After all, you're dealing with pain caused by problems with the nerves themselves and perhaps some non-nerve pain too. I'm talking about anti-convulsants (e.g. Neurontin, Lyrica), anti-depressants and others.

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    I second the need for an MRI pronto! My diagnosis of SCI and syringomyelia was put off for 12 yrs because no one did that test and like you I had symptoms similar to what you describe. Not saying you have this but am saying you NEED an MRI and it sounds like a good one has been suggested. The other thing you need to do (as a mother of a preschooler and a previous caregiver for boys like your son) is to get some REST. Not here and there but some real rest until you get the MRI results as a start to reducing the inflamation. I could think of a few other ideas but likely others will be all over it.

    Kind intentions only,

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    Thank you all for you input and or advice. If you have any other information regarding my story, please feel free to reply. Babyface

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