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Thread: agh!! They still don't get it!

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    So sorry to hear about this woman doing this to you!!!!!! Some people I really do believe are just plain stupid. Usually it is family that can't get things through their heads that we can't do everything we did before. I got a brother that lives less than a mile from me, and has been to see me about 3 times in 3 yr's. I can't go to his place he has steps made out of slab wood and they are rotten. So I am not about to go fall thru them.

    But for this woman to write about you is VERY inconsiderate to say the least!!!
    You should write down some thing's you dislike about her and see how she would like it.

    Sounds like you have more than went out of your way to be kind to her. Sometimes you just got to wash your hands of certain people
    good luck!!!

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    Thanks so much for the support you guys! It's just what I needed---people who actually understand and care! I have tried so hard to cut her from my life completely, but she still manages to creep in. I did block her email a while back because she kept emailing crazy, hateful stuff to me even after I'd told her to stop. Also back then, I told her not to call me ever again and for a long time she didn't. Until she wanted something from me. So, I guess I'm going to have to do like you say, and block her number. Just the sound of her voice stresses me out. I avoid places that she is like the plague. If she happens to show up before I can make a clean get away, she's a bitch to me. I mean a real BITCH! She does it where no one else can hear---like when she was in my folk's kitchen and I had to go in their to get something for my mother. She waits until no one is around but me and then she attacks! Well, I won't play her games so I just told her I was not going to talk to her, that I came to see my parents, not fight with her. It almost killed her! She wanted me to fight so bad! She's sneaky and crazy.

    Right now, the only reason I'm holding my tongue is because I do not want my parents to be upset. They are very old and very sick. I don't want their last years to be filled with fussing and fighting. BUT, you just wait! Bad as I don't want to lose my parents, once they are both in Heaven, there will be no holding back with this bitch! If she messes with me anymore, it will be "on like Donkey Kong!" Hopefully, after my parents are gone I won't ever see her again.

    You guys made me laugh, and you made me also cry thinking about how you've been through the same kind of frustrations. It's all good. Your sharing made me feel understood. Thanks so much for being there!

    (McDuff--it never hurts to have back up! )
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    Wow holy shit wow, she's a mental-case. You should carry a small recording device at the next function she is at, then replay it for some of your cooler relatives so they can see how much of a psycho-freakshow she is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rrrrronnn
    Wow holy shit wow, she's a mental-case. You should carry a small recording device at the next function she is at, then replay it for some of your cooler relatives so they can see how much of a psycho-freakshow she is.
    Love Rrrronnn's idea of recording her tirades for others to hear. You have my complete sympathy!

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    Arm chair diagnosis

    One word that fits her: NARCISSISTIC! I am not joking here, that is the only possible explanation for even the snippets I have about her here. And I mean the clinical sense of the word. See this: and I'm guessing you'll recognize her in those points ....

    (((((((( hug )))))))))))


    p.s. Do not take her calls anymore. Period. IGNORE HER, CUT HER OUT. (it'll make a great dramatic chapter in her book ... which I've got 10 to 1 she doens't have a publisher and it just plain sucks. Cathartic books about allegedly horrible family members rarely sell ... editros kinda see through those pretty fast....)
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    o my! that makes my step sisters narcissistic! what a shock...

    babe don't worry. her hate eats her inside and makes her rotten and hate herself. your doing nothing is just fuel for her fire inside. you'll just be helping her out if you were to ever lash back. but i know that's near impossible to hold one's tongue.
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    If you REALLY want to spin her up (for evil entertainment factor) at the next family function....

    Just say the words....(in the middle of her poisonous rant, of course)...

    "You bore me."

    It's amazing how those three little words kick someone in the ding-ding....

    After that you can either record (I personally think ANY kind of evidence would be really cool) or just walk away and know that you are done.

    ( only be a fly on a wall that day...)
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    I get dips on the ceiling fan, I wouldn't want to miss one second of her reaction! with the "You bore me," sigh, as you head to the frig for a cold one!"

    Will she 1) go into her tirade, 2) stomp out the door, or 3) her mouth drops open and nothing comes this point you should tell her to close her yap or the fly on the ceiling fan will go in her mouth...And, I would too! LOLOL

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