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Thread: Alternating pressure mattress

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    Alternating pressure mattress

    I'm new here and was reading some of the posts here. I thought that I'd tell about a mattress I like for anybody that it may help. I use a Pegasus mattress. It has air cells that alternate about every 3 minutes using a small pump to help with pressure relief and blood circulation. I lie on my back and only turn if I want to. I've had mine for about five years after a surgery I had. It helps heal pressure soars faster that I've gotten from sitting up. I'm a C5-6 and thin, so this helps me a lot. I just wanted to share a great product that I use with anyone who may have a need for it. You can check it out yourself at . I'll be glad to give you the name of my salesperson. I don't know much more about the products than what I've already said other than itworks great. Good luck to everybody!

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    Johnnie2130 - welcome aboard; we are delighted that you have found this site! Hope it is providing additional information for you.

    Thanks so much for sharing your good experience with a particular mattress. There have been many questions, over the existence of this site, re: the type of mattress that one should get. I am sure this may help someone else. CRF

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    Thanks Johnnie2130

    You read my mind. I'm a new injury that hasn't yet purchased my mattress yet as we are waiting for our new home to be built for more room.

    One question though. How loud is the pump?

    Thanks SPED

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    The pump is so quiet that you may not even hear it. It has a power light and I have to look at it sometimes if I want to double-check and make sure it's on. I've never had any trouble with it though and you can fold it up and travel with it, too. It's like being away from home and sleeping in your same bed!

    Thanks for the welcome, SCI Nurse! I just wanted to offer my good experiences with my mattress. I know how hard it is to find good products and I wanted to share this with anybody who may need something like this.

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    I have a Turnsoft - It's gotten the job done.

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    johnnie2130 Your post is one of the valuable reasons that this site is successful. Thanks for caring enough to share your experience and this information.

    A good source for assistive technologies and rehab equipment is the national database at CRF

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