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Thread: Kidney stone and catheter?

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    Kidney stone and catheter?

    Hello all!

    I think I might have a kidney stone that's passed into my bladder. Problem is, I have an indwelling foley catheter. Can kidney stones pass through my catheter? What should I do?


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    Theophania - Kidney stones can be a variety of sizes, some as small as grains of sand and some that are large enough that they must be removed either by surgery or lithotrypsy. Why do you think that you may have passed a kidney stone? What level is your injury? Are you having pain or AD? I would urge you to contact your physician or better, your urologist if you have one. You should do this now and not try to second guess what is occurring.

    One of the most important things that you can do for yourself, as a person living with SCI, is not try to self diagnose. There are so many alterations in how each person with a SCI may or may not respond to various symptoms, it it best to be evaluated by a physician. Hopefully, you have a physician who understands the uniqueness of the effects of SCI and will work with you to keep you healthy. CRF

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    Thanks for replying. I'm a C6 quad...technically incomplete but movement/feeling wise am complete. Anyways, I think a stone might have passed into my bladder because I'm getting AD sporatically through the day for no apparent reason (checked everything else) and last night my foley ballon somehow leaked and the cath came out. Now it was a brand new catheter so it might of been detfective, ie, came with a hole. I'm not sure if my nurse checked the balloon before insterting it. My theory is that the stone in my bladder popped the balloon. Could that happen?

    Btw, I already talked to my nurse about it and she said since the pain comes and goes I don't need to see a Dr.

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    Theophania - A stone could not cut into a catheter. They are usually quite small; when one is known to have a stone and it is suspected of being passed, the urine is strained through a very fine mesh such as a cheesecloth-like material.

    I would have to disagree with your nurse, especially since you are having AD off and on. There is something causing this....your abdomen as well as your kidneys need to be checked. Persons with SCI are prone to stone formation; there could actually be one in your kidney that is moving slightly. Have you checked your body thoroughly for reddened areas, scrapes, etc, checked feet, is your bowel function ok, lungs clear, etc.? Have you had any recent falls in a transfer or from your chair that could have resulted in a fracture. If you cannot find the cause of the AD, and it continues, that is a definite reason to be seen by your doctor. CRF

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    Theo, My son's had the leaking around the foley; it's been due to a blockage in the foley, by 'sand' or tiny little bladder stones that clog up the little hole in the cath. Check the very bottom of your leg bag; hold it up to the light - sometimes you can see the 'sand' or grit if it's there.

    I absolutely agree with CRF, that you should get seen asap. Have you had a cysto?

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    i haven't had a cysto for years...i'm thinking i'll make an appointment with an urologist next week. thx for everyones input!

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