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Thread: Cushion and Neuropathy

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    Cushion and Neuropathy

    I'm finally getting my first (power) chair and am wondering about cushions. I have neuropathy that is made much worse by touch and friction (shearing?) that affects my right back, backside and thigh. Riding in a car with regular upholstery can be very tough. Any cushion suggestions? My DME is pretty clueless. I'm not going to be in the chair all the time- but often 8 to 10 hrs at a time.


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    You should go to a seating clinic where you can be evaluated by a professional PT or OT for a cushion that will provide both pressure reduction and comfort for you. A good clinic will have a wide variety of cushions for you to try. Sit on each at least 30 minutes for a good evaluation. Kessler has such a clinic near you. You will need a physician's order.

    Most DMEs are clueless about most things except making money. Use them only for ordering equipment that has already been properly fit to you by a professional.


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    Thanks, sci-nurse, but there's a big financial issue for me to get to Kessler. They are " out of network" for my insurance. I am working with an experienced OT in a rehab center, but was looking for user experiences and recomendations.

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    i think roho cushions are the best all the way around. i wouldn't use anything else.

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    I also use a roho and I never get a sore behind or redness. You should
    ask about pressure mapping. Thats what they did for me when I got my
    first chair. Roho for sure though.

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    I have a new, never used, engineered-foam cushion that measures 3" x 16" x 17.5". It has a vinyl cover and fake sheepskin on one side. You can have it for free if it will work for you. All I ask is that you pay for shipping.

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    roho for sure

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    Thanks clint, but wrong size.

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    Roho gives me too much nerve pain. Jay2 seems too work better for me.

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    Before we knew better, we just accepted the cushion we got with our power chair. Then my wife got a pressure sore (II). After a little hassle, we got her a Roho quad select cushion. Much, much better. Still, we have to limit her chair time. She's been in it 10 hours, but that's pushing it, and we prefer to keep it down to under 8. There's often some redness from the edge of her briefs. With weak arms, she can't feel under to check the pressure, so it's only checked when I do it, and I'm not always around daytimes. That does scare me a little. But anyway, from our experience, Roho is the way to go.
    - Richard

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