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I don't want to come off as maudlin, but this is the time of year for retrospection and making plans for 2006. Sue, I wish that I were closer to you in miles so that we could have face-to-face conversations. You are truly a font of good information and we, on CC thankful for your contributions.

Cleo Patra
I'm not sure I could keep up with the monikers. Multiple Personality Disorder or just funn'in? I wish I was closer to a lot of members. We used to head south a bit east of you when my in-laws lived in Florida. Just have to get some body armour before knocking on your door I think...

Not sure how great I've been doing as a moderator lately. I've been having a rough 2 years between my father in law dying, my Dad going through 2 stents then double femoral bypass surgery, Reggie dying, and I swear I've caught every bug around this past year. The worst seems to be past though.

As far as the end of the line, noble, but probably unnecessary. Among other things we need to know if age effects regeneration. In the seminar I sat in by Dr Rochkind from Israel he found that complete transections of the larger peripheral nerves took much longer to heal in those over 40. Over 40 is still kid stuff.

Personally I'd rank people, if it were needed, by their support, monetary or just upbeat attitudes. Many studies have proved that upbeat people heal faster so why not tilt the trials with smiling people?