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Thread: Buying a new PowerChair?

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    oops, i meant 1420.

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    For more information on Quickie power chairs, contact Sunrise Medical. Try to demo these chairs before purchasing.



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    Thanks Paul a friend of mine uses a quickie and likes it she took it on that 144 mile march with Adapt with no problems.

    I'm looking for info on Quickie or InvaCare gearless / brushless motor model.

    Such as seating tilt and/or recline (I can't sit up straight)
    motor problems
    maintence (I can't repair it so I don't want it falling apart like my friends Jazzy)

    I use my chair 12-14 hours a day often times when I travel I will put several miles on it everyday.

    Any suggestions?

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    Make sure that you are measured for this chair by a physical therapist. I would also avoid the Jazzy wheelchair. It will come down to the Quickie or Invacare.


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    I'm a 27 yr Post C5-6 quad. I bought the Invacare Action Arrow with brushless motors in early '98 and I LOVE IT!! Best chair I've ever had. Initially the motors had started making a noise about 6 months after I had it. They replaced them on recall and I never had a problem again. Never had a problem with the tilt.

    It's not completely without its quirks..Most notably is the motors for the most part kinda lose all/most power with over exertion (steep inclines etc).

    As everyone noted, you want to make sure its properly measured and all bells and whistles are addressed to meet his/her needs.

    Good Luck!

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