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Thread: Buying a new PowerChair?

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    Buying a new PowerChair?

    I am shopping for a new highend powerchair for a C4 quad. Presently looking at InvaCare Gearless motor tilt and recline chair.

    Or a Quickie 646 SE but can't find much info on it their web page info is poor.

    Any good advice from those of you using either type of chair? Good things or bad things about these chairs.
    Thank you
    C/4 Quad

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    You will get some responses here. I would also check out though.


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    Stuby, My brother uses an Invacare Arrow, had it for three years with little problem. With tilt/recline. Wheelchairjunkie site is great. Locate a good supplier, demo several different kinds of chairs for a few days to test them in home, van and your regular activities. Helps to make sure service will be available.

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    stuby, have you considered the independence technology ibot or iglide?

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    i use a jazzy 1430. it's a tough one. i can tackle rough terrain and i pull/push cars/dumpsters/etc with ease. its heavy duty but not too big to handle cramped indoor spaces.

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    Wise, someone who has a complete C4 injury would not be appropriate for either the iGlide or the IBOT. The IBOT is currently under a recall as well, with no word when it will again be available.

    At this level of injury, a high degree of individualization and customization is required for a decent power chair. Get a consult with an experience SCI PT or OT and have them both write your prescription and link you with the appropriate vendor. You should not just deal with any old DME vendor on this.



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    I like most of the Quickie power chairs. I strongly recommend that you take these different chairs for a test drive before the deal is done.


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    The redesigned IBOT will be back in September.

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    KLD, I agree. A person who is a true C4 quadraplegic would not be able to use the Ibot or iglide. But, such a person would need to use a sip-and-puff control. The ibot was recently recalled and will not be available until they have it fixed.

    People with C6 motor levels can use the ibot in its standard 4-wheel mode. If they can operate a standard joystick power chair, they can use the ibot in its 4-wheel mode. Because of its 4-wheel drive, the ibot can go places that most power chairs may have trouble with (i.e. beach and up/down curbs). A C6 quad can even use the chair in its balance mode. The person of course should not be using the chair in its stair-climbing mode because this requires using the arms to hold on the bannister. However, note that the ibot has handle that allows a caregiver to manipulate the ibot from the back to go up or down stairs. This allows a caregiver to take a person in the ibot up and down steps.

    Regarding iGlide, I know a person that was formerly C5 and had recovered C6 who is using the iglide quite effectively.


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    There are many options other than sip and puff for a power chair for someone who is a true C4 injury. Sip and puff has some definite drawbacks for many. The question was about C4, not C5, C6 or C7 when obviously there are many more options for both power, power assist or manual chairs.


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