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Thread: A.D problem due to catheter replacement

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    A.D problem due to catheter replacement

    Hello all,

    I,m a paraplegic for the lasrt ten yrs. & my problem relates to Autonomous Dysreflexia caused by catheter replacement.Today when my caregiver changed my one month old catheter & inserted a new one I experienced severe headach & perspiration which lasts for many hrs. persistently.Then we took catheter out & inserted a new one.Urine is flowing out continuously & there,re no signs of UTI since we replaced a functioning catheter with a new one.It,s strange that this hapened before inflating the baloon.I,m feeling headach after every half an hour.There,s no hospital or other facility(X-Ray+Ultrasound nearby me.For God sake tell me how can I revent this killer headach?Any guidance from anybody,d be a bless.

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    If you have paraplegia, why are you using an indwelling catheter? Intermittent cath would be much safer for you. You can also learn to insert and change your own indwelling catheter if you have good hand function.

    It is likely that the catheter was not fully inserted into your bladder before the balloon was inflated. It is critical that in men that the catheter be inserted all the way to the Y before inflating the catheter. Failure to do so can result in the balloon being inflated inside the urethra or prostate, and doing so can cause tears and bleeding. This can definately cause bad AD as well. If your urethra was damaged, it can take several weeks for the AD to stop, although it should be less severe. Medication can be used to control the AD symptoms while the area is healing.

    Have you considered getting a suprapubic indwelling catheter if you must have an indwelling? This can be safer for your urethra as long as it is inserted properly.


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    A.D problem due to catheter replacement

    Thanks for feedback.I,ve been using indwelling catheter for last ten yrs.The other one U,re talking,ve never been told to me here because I think people do,nt,ve infos.U plz. tell me the medication to prevent headach caused by A.D.So that till this inner disturbance remains I might lessen the severity of A.D.I,d be grateful if any body tells me the home cure of A.D since i,m away from Docs & hospitals.Thanks.

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    At least what I've been told is that intermittent catheterization (when insert catheter and empty your bladder several times a day) is preferred to an indwelling catheter (which you leave inside the bladder) to decrease risk of UTI.

    As far as management of AD goes, the first step is to remove the source then medication may be prescribed to address individual symptoms.

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    Medications used for AD include nitroglycerine paste (applied to the skin), which should NEVER be used if you also take Viagra/Levitra/Cialis. Other drugs used for AD include nifedipine, clonidine, prazosin, and captopril. These should only be used when you already know and are treating for the cause of the AD, as otherwise they can mask AD symptoms of a life-threatening condition.

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    Hello friends,

    Thanks for feedback.U,re right that we must find out the stimulus but I want to know some cure of this headach incase we know the cause of A.D & that cause,s likely to persist for many days.As I,m experiencing this A.D due to some disturbance in Urinary tract since the time of inserting catheter.I,m still experiencing this severe unbearable headach infrequently.So plz. tell me some instant cure of headach.I,m taking antibiotics in order to prevent UTI.But this headach,s very disturbing.

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    Dear Khurram

    Looks you are from Pakistan. If yes then me too from pakistan. You can better contact me at

    God bless you.



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