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Thread: returns disappearing?

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    returns disappearing?

    So I'm about 2 1/2 months post-injury now. About 3-4 weeks after my injury, I got back some ankle dorsiflexion in both sides ... at PT, we measured the muscle groups and it was 3/5. Last night, it sorta disappeared. I thought that the muscles might just be fatigued, but when I woke up the condition still exists -- can't seem to move my right ankle.

    As this is the weekend and I'm not sure what docs might be able to do anyway, should I be calling someone? Does something like this happen? Getting somewhat better for 6 weeks and then all of a sudden it disappearing?

    Growing concerned ...

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    .....i'm not a dr. but i am sci@c-4....we are all diff and i don't know your injury, but i experienced "come n go" also....i'm 2.25 years post injury and still have sensation/movement one week and not the next.....seems random w/no pattern

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    Generally when someone gets 3/5 muscle return in a muscle, they keep it. The swelling with the initial injury is there, but once it decreases, nerves that were not damaged, work again. That should not disappear. There may be something going on in your spine, but I need more info.
    Are there other symptoms or just that 1 muscle that is not working? Did you have surgery or wear a brace after your burst fracture? Any bowel/bladder changes?


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    I'm not sure what information is relevant. After my MVA on the evening of 10-13-2005, they took me to the hospital where I underwent vertebrectomy and T12 to L2 fusion. Since then I wore a hard TLSO for the first 6 weeks post-injury. They took plain films at that point and switched me to the soft TLSO.

    This week, I've sorta had a cold/sore throat, so the rehab physician's assistant prescribed some regular antibiotics (amoxicillin) 2x day. I have a little bit of congestion and been coughing. I've felt soreness in the muscles all week, including the lower back. I felt well enough to go to therapy Wed, Thur and Fri. Fri during therapy I felt some minor pains/muscle soreness in the lower back. I was still able to move the ankles when I came home on Fri afternoon.

    I took a nap for about an hour and when I got up I was no longer able to move my right ankle, nor feel a contraction. Thinking it was fatigue, I went to bed, but this morning when woke up, the foot had "dropped" and I was no longer able to point the toes up.

    Should I notify a doctor, or should I just keep an eye on it this weekend?

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    I'm a T10 and when I first got hurt I had no problem getting an
    erection and I had some calf contraction on both legs. A couple
    weeks after my injury I lost the ability to have a spastic erection,
    calf contraction, and also lost what rectal sensation that I had.
    My rehab Dr. told me that the reason I lost it is because it takes
    about 3 weeks for nerves to degenerate after they are damaged.
    I'm guessing that you also have a lower motor neuron injury like
    me (no spasms). Ask about having a nerve conduction test on your
    legs, I think that is what they call it.


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    Dan, so sorry to hear that you've lost movement in an ankle. I hope it is temporary. I haven't heard of anyone losing function like this before. Hope you'll let us know how it turns out and hope you regain this movement and much more. Mike
    T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003

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    From a healing fusion perspective- 8 weeks post surgery and it should be healed, but could be checked out via X-ray just to be sure. The muscle achiness from your cold could also be attributing to the problem. Again though if you have functon and then lose it totally something seems off. I think though that you need an expert person (whomever did your surgery) not necessarily an ER MD to evaluate it. If you can, contact the surgeon, if not wait until tomorrow and see if you can be seen.

    Good luck.

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    Dan, if u had 3/5, I highly suggest stimming that area to get it back! I've had days when i could barely walk, and i was so angry but i just stimmed it the next night and i would wake up and it owuld be fine, hope things work out!
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    hey cory/mr_coffee,
    what type of NMES unit are you using for e-stim?

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    Wanted to give you guys an update--so friday, it was literally 0/5 (couldn't even feel a contraction) ... today, tuesday, when I went to PT, it's a 1+/5 cuz we can feel a contraction and see a slight movement. The therapist wasn't sure what would cause such a decrease in muscle strength either but told me that she'd bring it up in their team meeting.

    I'm still concerned, but since the ankle movement/strength appears to be coming back slowly, I'm going to hold off on panicking. At least for now ...


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