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Thread: Prayers Needed..A great friend of mine might be on his death bed

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    Prayers Needed..A great friend of mine might be on his death bed

    The pastor from my church is a paraplegic and was admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning. He was cathing himself and having trouble with the catheter and either scraped or punctured a hole in his bladder. Well, he started to bleed profusely and his wife had to call 911, he was rushed to the hospital and they started the treatments. I went to see him yesterday and he looked really bad and was in a lot of pain and vomitting. I just figured the usual U.T.I. Thought he would be out today. I woke up this morning to find out he is on a ventilator and has septic shock. He also has double pneumonia, a clot on one lung, gull stones, low blood platelates, and low blood pressure. He's on a feeding tube through his nose and has numerous i.v. antibiotics hooked up to him and also in a self induced coma. His kidney's have pretty much shut down they are producing very little urine.
    I have known him since my injury from three years ago. He has been paralyzed for 33 years and is 48 years old.
    I can't believe that a catheter can cause such a severe infection. Makes me very nervous to cath myself now. What should you do if the catheter won't insert properly? Call 911? Or just wait a while and reposition your self and try later..
    Please pray for him, he is such an inspiration to me. He answers all questions I have about being paralyzed. I don't want to lose him now. Thanks -Ed-

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    I'm sorry to hear. My thoughts..
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    Ed's Pastor

    Hey Ed,
    Our family will certainly pray for your pastor.
    Keep us posted.

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    Wow, So sorry to hear. Itt s scary thing this injury. I sure hope for the best. My thought are with you.
    Mike (Florida)

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    sorry to hear about your pastor, i will have him in my prayers...

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    Your pastor is in my prayers.

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    I'm sorry Nick. He's in my prayers right now.
    "I just want you to know, it was the best time ever." J.F.F.

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    That could happen to any of us. I will say a prayer for his speedy recovery.

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    I moved this to Care so one of the SCI nurses can answer your question.
    My thoughts will be with your pastor and his family.
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    so sorry Ed... i will keep him in my thoughts...

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