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Thread: problems logging in, answering msgs

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    problems logging in, answering msgs

    I've been having some problems today. I'm pretty experienced with these forums, I used to run a diff site's invision Power Board, so I know i'm not being a stupid user I hope.

    Trouble logging in while i was in a thread, I login just fine but it does not give me any indication at all that I have. In fact, it still has the "login" thing in the corner. However when i backed out of the thread, I got to the main screen and it did say I was.

    Also, I cannot seem to type a reply to someone who has IMed me. It will not let me type at all, though I can type in the title and the "who to send it to" area. This has not happened before.
    Bugs? My computer? I'm running XP on a 1ghz comp, and I can go to another site who runs the same IPBoard and do the same thing - it lets me type there so I guess it's a slight bug in yours.

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    Cacille, people have had some problems logging in in the past (see thread but I don't know if its still a problem. I find it helpful to just Refresh the screen if you have already logged in and it still doesn't show you as logged in.

    I don't know about the problem with your private messaging. I just tried mine and it seems to work okay for me.

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    well, it seems to have cleared up now on that messaging problem. It works today. Thanks!

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