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Thread: My legs are freezing but are they?

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    My legs are freezing but are they?

    I can't stand it. They feel like they are freezing at the bone but are warm to the touch. All I can do is get under the electric blanket. I can't stay there.
    Going outside in the cold, ouch.
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    Electic bankets are dangerous if the had a short or maybe a leak you could be burned. Snuggle in Downs comfortors, they are the best

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    mary, i don't get this often but espeically if my body is trying to fight somthing off, i get an inner cold and my legs seem to be freezing!! But they really are cold to the touch but even if i warm them, the inside is stlil freezing! I use an eelctric blanket, but keep it on no higher then 4, i also put other blankets first, then the electric. I agree with Hunker it may be dangerous. I don' tthink its anything serious, i think the nerves are just screwed up.
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    My legs do that when I get a uti. It's painfull and they feel like they
    are freezing but it's a good way to tell when I have an infection. Maybe
    it's a signal that something else is wrong.

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    My legs and my feet get freezing cold all of the time. Particularly in the winter. I have tried the electric blanket and the down comforter, but what works good for me is an electric heater I have in my bedroom. I keep it far away from anything that can catch on fire so I feel pretty safe.

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    My legs have done that almost since my accident. It's one of those nerve things. I liken it to swimming in the Arctic Ocean. It sucks and it drives me crazy, but I just have to try to ignore it 24 hours a day. I'm sorry that you have to deal with it too.

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    They are cold in the air conditioning and Winter. I need battery operated leg warmers, I guess.

    HAHAHA Hunker, I might have to buggy on Downs.
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
    Van Morrison

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    Have you tried one of those microwave bean bags?. I started using one to relax neck and shoulders muscle cramps after sittin in the chair all day. They come in all shapes and sizes, mines a long tube(18"x3") Just toss it around the back of my neck.
    I soon noticed that I didn't have that cold feeling after a few minutes of use.

    Maybe it is tricking the brain that all is warm down below.

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    I've also had cold legs since my accident 24 years ago. It has never hurt nor caused damage to my lower legs but could be a shocking experience for an unprepared bed partner
    I find that overnight while I sleep they'll warm up. I'm a down comforter lover as well but my calves and feet won't necessarily warm up during the day. Not until I'm in bed sleeping for some reason.

    Good luck


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    i've had the same thing ever since my SCI. one of my feet gets blue too, and it always worries my friends when they see & touch my legs. It drives me nuts; the damn things never seem to get any warmer unless I go to bed. The color in my legs will chang if I hold them up tho (like a hamstring stretch). In me it seems like my left leg is always colder than my right.

    Just another fun perk that goes along with SCI i guess.
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