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Thread: Downhill Biking/Monoski

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    Actually, it was in the guiding capacity that I met him. But we did 2 El Cap walls together - teaching me aid climbing. We did Atlantic Ocean Wall, and the classic Wall of the early morning light. We also went ice climbing in Valdez.

    He was an amazing athlete - a freak of nature, too good and talented for this world......I would say 'rest in peace' , Alex except, "rest" was never in his vocabulary !

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    Arndog, Do you know Mike Morris? Rob Moore? I lived in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT for years in a cabin with some top level climbers and guides. I met Lowe a couple of times when he was in town to climb with Mike and Rob. Rob Moore died a couple of years ago in an ice climbing accident.

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    GP - wow, living in Little Cottonwood, UT. I bet you have some good ski memories from that time. What an amazing place. I skied the areas a lot and did one day with the heliski operation and one or 2 backcountry days there. Also climbed one easy ice climb on the right as you are going up the canyon.
    No I did not know Mike or Rob. Too bad about Rob.
    I don't mean to be naming names but since we are on the topic of climbing deaths, I climbed a lot with Charlie Fowler, in Peru and Canada and the US and he died. My wife reminds me that all my climbing friends have passed away. I guess I was spared in my ski accident and am only an incomplete para.
    Didn't mean to get morbid there..... those were great times and great memories....

    Here is a picture of Alex belaying me (must have been an easy pitch) - a great spirit he was

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    It is sad, but as you've said, they died doing what they loved. LCC was amazing. I lived in a cabin for 7 years with about 9 other friends in the same cabin compound at the mouth of the canyon. Everyone there was either a pro skier/border, mtn. guide, climber or something. I'm the only one of that group to get permanently fubar'd (of course it was a motorcycle in the desert that did it and not the mountains or the snow). But from my greater circle of friends I've had at least 6 die from avalanche or climbing within a 10 year period.

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    Wow! I really admire and envy all the stuff you guys do! WE have some good programs out here but they are a lttle more "run-of-the-mill" stuff. My program is trying but it always with the Wounded Warriors Projects. I seem to be stuck with the regular kayaking and stuff.

    Well, gotta go ski=I am 2 hours late because I was cleaning the house!
    "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." - My Grammie

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