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Thread: standing=increased sensation?

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    standing=increased sensation?

    as i stand here in my standing frame i notice increased sensation in my legs... ive recently just got religious about the frame, been doing it alot since rehab just in this last week and have noticed if i push on my legs during my up time i can feel tingling everywhere.. its wild.. anyone else experience this


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    i notice the standing stretches heel cords and even my lower back on
    both sides;has a low burn sensation but not bad.

    another benefit is that i'm more aware of where my legs are afterward;
    when i get back in my chair i seem to better reposition my hips and legs

    its 10 wks started w easystand(have had poor posture before)it helps
    proprioception(aware of lower body)

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    standing helps many many things. bowel, bladder, circulation, stretches everything, and imo great for keeping bones healthy. and it cracks my back, lol, plus doesnt it just feel fantastic rep
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    fantastic indeed.. just wish i could manage to snag some KAFOs and a rolling walker


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    Standing makes me dizzy and sometimes nausuese but at the same time it helps the pain in my back and stretches out my back and legs. The good outweighs the bad for me.
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