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Thread: What's wrong with you?

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    Okay my rant, Santa sent me a UTI for Christmas complete with spasms, I'm not getting any nor am I likely to get any in the forseable future (no gf) I'm broke & worst of all I'm out of fuckital!!!!!

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    Hey Julie,
    Quote Originally Posted by Julie-Bug
    ...left a bag with the poster and shot glass I had just bought in the bus stop and ...
    ...poster of what? and the shot glass?

    Sorry to hear they're gone, can you buy replacements?
    Han Tacoma

    ~ Artificial Intelligence is better than none! ~

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    well yes I can replace it...I went yesterday and bought another one... it was a poster of a drinking game we play out here called NHL...its when you get 4 people on a "team" and you have to chug your drink and then flip your cup over so that it lands upside down...and then the next person goes. A hell of a good time! And the shot glass...well i think it said something like "give me another, your still ugly"

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