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Thread: Meatus Adhesion

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    Meatus Adhesion

    I had a mild irratation of the meatus and now have 2 tiny adhesions. Both are on the upper third of the meatus. There doesn't seem to interference when I urinate (except there's more 'spray' - I don't cath). I've been applying vasoline regularly and tried to gently pull it apart but they're pretty solid. There's been no change in 3+ days.

    Should I just leave it and ask my doc about it next time? If there are any suggestons, I'm willing to try pretty agressive home treatment but draw the line at pulling out the exacto knife!

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    A stricture anywhere along the urethra should be evaluated by a urologist. Evaluation would include one or more of the following: urethrogram (putting dye up the urethra and taking Xrays) and/or cystoscopy including urethroscopy. Self treatment may make the situation worse.

    Some strictures are treated by placing an indwelling catheter for 2-4 weeks and allowing the area to heal. Others may need dilation (an office procedure) or even surgical intervention.

    Please see your urologist for an evaluation of this problem.


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