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Thread: Becoming Acutes Again!

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    Becoming Acutes Again!

    Somebody smarter than me answer this question.... which has puzzled me.
    Since most everyone on this forum is chronic and started out complete. We all keep checking and hoping for the way out. This is a given. It also appears that the most desirable candidates for any new therapies floating about are the acute’s. My question is this. isn't it possible to become an acute injury again? Let's use our friend Susan Fijt for example. She leaves the US a chronic patient. She goes to Portugal where Lima slices her open, removes the scare tissue, drops in some OEG's and sews her back up. I've seen the pictures. Not a pretty site. So, Doesn't the whole idea of traumatizing the site again equal a fresh injury and give the chronic patient a new SCI injury, which has to heal? Hence becoming an acute again. In my thinking if it involves an evasive procedure (Which there are several out there being tried) why can't we all be considered acute injuries again? Might be nice to know you have a shot at some of this stuff instead of heading to the end of the line because of time.

    Thanks Chris

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    heh nice technique

    If I am low on cash i'll just have a buddy stab a screwdriver in my t5 and wiggle it for a second right in the ER waiting area.

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