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Thread: Leaking Bladder

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    Leaking Bladder

    My son does intermittent caths every 4-5 hours without difficulty, but still leaks in between caths. (Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot). He is on Ditropan XL 20 mg, Ditropan 5 mg intravesicular twice a day, and Imipram Hcl 25 mg one daily. According to his urologist, he cannot wear a condom catheter due to his bladder pressures. Is there anything we can do? This is driving him crazy! Thanks.

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    Hi, Reifer - I'm going to close this post here, and move it over to the "Care" forum, where the SCI nurses and others will be able to give you more advice!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    This is a difficult situation, as he is pretty much "maxed out" on the available meds although he could try the intravesicular Ditropan 3X daily. He may need to consider an augmentation cystoplasty, which is a big surgery, but generally has excellent outcomes with low pressures and no leakage.


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    Leaking bladder

    My son who is a T-11 complete--post 2yr--age 14, was having the exact same trouble. He just had botox injections into his bladder on 2/20/02 at Shriner's Hospital--in Sacramento. It took a few days to kick in, but his bladder spasms and leaking have stopped. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Dr. Stone did the procedure and he says it should last 9-14 mo. Matt is taking 5mg ditropan xl twice a day. Will take him off it soon and see if he really needs. According to Dr. Stone this will be the way to treat neurogenic bladders in the future. You may e-mail me direct, if you have more questions.


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    transition to ext cath

    I have been reading the posts with much interest and it still seems there no magic answers to most of the questions we ask. I was on intermittant catheterization for some time but had a procedaure done called "sphincterotomy"(easy for you to, and it has worked out great for me. what it is is simply doing a series of cuts in the sphinkter, releasing some of the spasmic tensions that retain urine. This won't work for everyone but is an option to talk over with urologist(not that too many of them listen). The next problem is catheters...getting the right ones and wearing them so they don't leak or come off. The most popular is gum tape(sticky both sides), put on the penis, then roll catheter on, then wrap with fabric adhesive tape. Make sure everything is dry before putting on and don't over do it with tape. Just enough to overlap or it won't flex with spontaneous erection. If you need more info pls email at

    HINT: If you can't get in to see a Urologist, ask to see a Nefrologist(excuse terrible spelling), they deal with more kidney related probs but are usually easier to get to see and are very knowlegable or urological procedures.

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    I would hesitate to plunge into a sphincterotomy too soon. If done with a cutting procedure, there is about a 30% risk of loss of reflex erections, and there is a significant risk of bleeding post op. This is reduced with the laser procedure, but still exists.

    Sphincterotomy is also a irreversable procedure...once you choose it you loose a lot of options such as returning to intermittent cath only and remaining dry. You have no choice but the use of external catheters and bags all the time. They frequently have to be repeated as well, as the scar tends to retract and restrict flow over time. We have done some where patients are on their 5th or 6th sphincterotomy.

    In addition, the procedure usually results in retrograde ejaculation, even with vibratory or electroejaculation procedures, which makes sperm collection for fathering children more technically difficult.


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