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Thread: Hansen's vs Trailer Park Boys

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    Hansen's vs Trailer Park Boys

    Well, this is gonna be a blast,

    All for a good cause too "Adaptive Sports" I'm taking the Hanson"s. "Foil up boys " Yee-ha.....

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    NO WAY! I had a dream like this once..

    Are you actually gonna get to see this MG? I wont pics baby,i wonts pics

    Im takin the TPB's,everybody knows Bubbles is hockey playin fool..

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    Just saw this. This game will be the awesomest game that ever awesomed! VERY tough call. Will Julian be able to hold a hockey stick and his drink at the same time? Will Randy put a shirt on? Will Alex Lifeson sing the National Anthem? So many questions...

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    Something of this magnitude should be broadcast coast to coast on the CBC network..

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