ACT (Advanced Cell Therapeutics)

Analysis of Spinal cord Injuries Treated by ACT up to Aug 05
In total up to date: 8 treatments
5 still pending ratings
3 patients scored at a rating of: 2, all of them Partial SCI. 2 Cervical Spine and one Lower Thoracic.
5 cervical spine injuries ( 4 of which showed benefits and were all partial injuries. The only complete break is still too early to analyze benefit)

Richard Welsh, age 26yrs: Scored 2 on Rating Scale
*Incomplete C4 to C6 break
Treated 14 Oct 2004,
Administration method: IVI
1.5 mil stem cells CD34 & 133
MVA in 1999 with incomplete tetraplegia resolving over time to reduced lower limb power.
Pre-treatment condition:
Walking with crutches
Bladder dysfunction: intermittent self catheterization
Bowel dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction
Post Treatment:
Walking improved; walks without aid more often; balance has improved.
Strength improved
Bladder function returning with less need for CIC.
Regulation of bowel movements
Improved sexual function.

Jennifer Colins age 31yrs: Scored 2 on Rating Scale
T12/L1 incomplete spinal lesion in 2001: Asia 2/3
Treated 22 Oct 2004
Method: IVI, 1.5 mil CD 34 &133, BBBP
Condition Pre-treatment
Walking with the aid of braces and a walker (no formal neurological assessment available).
Partial sensation in lower limbs with sacral sparing.
No bladder or bowel dysfunction reported
Recurrent UTI’s
Improved strength in legs; able to start treadmill exercises 5 months after therapy.
Improved energy and sense of well-being
Improved sensation
No urinary tract infection following therapy

Mathew Cohen 18yrs old
C6/7 incomplete *SCI ASIA 1
Treated 30 March 2005
Method of administration: _ IVI; _ SC into C4/5 area
1.5mil SC; CD34 & 133; BBBP
Pre-treatment condition:
Power 1/6 in hip extensors and flexors
Partial sensory loss
Bladder and bowel dysfunction.
Spinal and lower limb pain
8 weeks after therapy his power improved in his gluteals , quadriceps and hamstrings. Able to walk between parallel bars and with support calipers.

Jason Wittling age 31yrs
C6 burst fracture; partial spinal cord injury ASIA 2
Treated 13 May 2005
Method of administration: Subcutaneously into C5 area
1.5 million SC, CD34 & 133; BBBP
C5-6 internal spinal fusion after the insult
Condition Pre treatment:
Incomplete Tetraplegia with 2/6 power in Deltoid distribution (C5/6)
Sensory loss below lesion level complete with no recorded sacral sparing.
Neuropathic bladder uses intermittent catheterization
Vital Capacity 62% (reduced respiratory function)
Post treatment:
Preliminary report so far in June 05:
New motor function and movement in right hand and fingers
Vital Capacity improved to 67%
Appetite improved
Energy levels increased

Donna Cato 40yrs old
Incomplete T12-L1 injury
Date of Treatment: 24 June 2005
Administration method: _ IV _ SC into T12 area
1.5 mil CD 34 &133, BBBP

Injury as a result of motorcycle injury 19 years prior to the treatment.
Pre-treatment Condition:
Dense Paraplegia
Partial sensation;* no mention of sacral sparing
Bladder and Bowel dysfunction.
Chronic back and limb pain
Probklems with sacral decubitus ulcers
Recurrent UTI
Ceased taking most of her pain medication; spinal pain much better.
Sacral area better has improved perfusion and skin integrity
Feels less depressed
No recorded change as of yet in her motor or sensory function.
No recorded change in bladder/bowel dysfunction.

Andy Sastak age 37yrs
T12/L1 Partial spinal cord Injury
Treated: 12/07/05
Method of Administration: SC into T12/L1 area
1.5 mill SC, CD 34 & 133; BBBP
Pre-treatment Condition:
Wheelchair bound with predominant distal motor weakness ( no formal neurological report yet)
Sensation patchy with sacral sparing.
Bladder dysfunction; able to empty without CIC.
Able to stand with lower limb calipers within 4 weeks of treatment
Amble to stand briefly with slight support on parallel bars
Calf strength dramatically improved with an increase in diameter of 1cm muscle bulk.
Noted improved bladder function.

*age 43yrs Scored 2 on rating scale
Treated May 3, 05
Administration Method: _ IV, _ SC into C5
1.5mil SC, CD 34 & 133; BBBP
Pre-treatment condition:
Total Quadriplegia
Vital Capacity 62%
Post treatment:
Movement in right hand and fingers.
Improved axial and head support
Increase energy and sense of well-being

Juana Martinez
C6/7 Complete spinal cord lesion
Treated 5/08/05
Administration Method: SC over C5-6 area
1.5 mil SC; CD34 & 133; BBBP
Pre-treatment Condition:
Total Quadriplegia
Neuropathic Catheter managed by CIC
Bowel dysfunction
Improved bowel function one week after treatment
No change in other modalities (still early)