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Thread: Accessible showers while traveling?

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    Question Accessible showers while traveling?

    A person could make do with sponge baths & BPs in bed if they have to, but I would think most people would rather be able to shower and go about their normal routine if possible right? Especially if they'll be away from home any length of time. Any one have experience with or ideas about this sort of thing?

    I know truck-stops have shower facilities you can use just to take one shower if you'd like, but are they accessible? Any one know of other places that may have accessible shower facilities? Rehab centers? YMCA? etc?

    What about equipment like shower chairs~ can you rent them from somewhere for a few hours or a week? Any one have a shower chair they travel with (that a quad could use) that can be used in a regular (vs. roll-in) shower?

    We are traveling to the SW Iowa/Omaha, NE area if people know of anything in that area. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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    We always plan to stay in hotels/motels with a roll-in shower if we will be there more than a few days. My mother showers 2-3X weekly, and the days between we can stay in a room with a tub (just wash "pits and peri" as a bedbath then). We have our own travel rolling shower/commode chair that we use for both her bowel care and showers when we have a roll-in. This is one reason we like cruises as you will nearly universally have a roll-in shower on a cruise ship in an accessible cabin.

    Most hospitals and rehab centers will not allow you to use their facilities unless you are currently an inpatient. This is a security as well as an infection control issue. Some campgrounds have accessible showers, but these are only available if you also pay to stay at the campground. I have never seen an accessible shower in a truck stop.

    Renting shower chairs and commodes is sometimes possible, but finding the right kind can be a problem, and many companies will not rent them due to infection control concerns.

    If you have the funds, you might want to consider purchase of a Nuprodx Multichair 6000, which is designed for travel, and can be used in either a tub or roll-in shower.


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    I use nuprodx and alot of hotel description / conversation. Roll-in and accessible are two VERY different things.

    Good luck hikerbabe.

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    Hi H-Babe,,,,
    Both previous reply's were very good/accurate. The Nuprodx travel chair recommended by KLD 'n Chris is a very good item.

    If you're not ready for the cost$$ of the Nuprodx chair, try the ''makeshift'' route. Get an older manual chair[if u hv one], or buy a ''basic'' no frills manual on Ebay for $175'ish. Cut a whole in the seat, use for showering/bowel, and back-up travel chair. It may not be a custom fit chair; but it's and inexpensive good way to improvise.

    Hope it helps,

    How long will u b traveling,,,, by vehicle, and/or fly,,,,,
    **Also, to second Chris's point. When booking a hotel room, be sure to EMPHASIZE that the room has a roll-in shower---if you need.


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    In my experience, the more expensive places always have ONE shower seat. Expensive like the Westin, etc ..
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Haha, good point about "accessible" hotels. We've stayed in places before that were "accessible" and the door to the bathroom wasn't even wide enough to get through! On top of that, there was a little lift to get to the level that we were staying on, which was off to the side of about 3-4 stairs. The lift was covered with junk and the lady actually asked if he could just get up and walk since there were only a few steps!! But that's another issue.

    See that's the thing, we can stay with family for free. We don't need the hotel room, just the shower~ or even just the shower chair would work. That would make BP easier and we could do a half-way decent shower with a hose in the basement over a drain. We'll be driving and we'll only be gone for 5-7 days, but that's a long time to go w/o an actual shower.

    Maybe a cheaper shower chair/commode off of Ebay is the way to go. Thanks again!

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