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Thread: Foot fell asleep wont wake up no joke HELP

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    Question Foot fell asleep wont wake up no joke HELP

    Hi All

    Last night I fell asleep as normal though about 3:00am I woke to go to the bathroom and could not get my foot to wake up. I do walk though normally I have decreased sensation on my left side. I think when I woke I had my left leg under my right cutting off the circulation from 11:00pm till I woke at 3:00am. That left my circulation cut off for 4 hours. After using the bathroom I went back to bed thinking nothing of it. when I woke it was still asleep. It is now 5:00pm and it still feels like its still asleep and instead of decreased sensation I have no feeling at all. I can put on an ice cube directly on my foot and can't even feel it. Does anyone have any sugestions? Could There be damage from having the circulation cutoff or decreased for 4 hours? Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Mark

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    I agree that it sounds like something happened from the loss of circulation, but I'm not the one to answer how serious it might be after 4 hours. My first thought is, have you called your doctor? For a change this serious, you definitely ought to be seen if it persists.

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    call your doc
    cauda equina

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    This past summer, I had a similar experience. I had good sensation in foot, calf, knee and thigh areas with dead spots in the mix before. Woke up in the am. with a numb foot/leg. I somehow toss and roll in the night and woke up lying on the L side like you did. That leg was totaly dead feeling. Scary!!

    Saw a Dr. long story short: he thought I pinched the siatic nerve somehow
    and said it would prolly take a couple weeks to run its course.

    Well, I got maybe 30% of it back after 6 months, nowhere near what it was.

    Good luck, hope you figure it out guy.

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