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Thread: Friends Pay Tribute to Dana Reeve

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    Friends Pay Tribute to Dana Reeve

    The celebration was about 2 hours. No one left without tears.

    Don't bother reading any of the comments left on yahoo. Some of those people should be locked up for what they post.

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    Thanks chasb. I'm sure it was a touching tribute to her and family.

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    Patricia and I were there. I was so emotional I could not speak coherently for a couple of hours afterward. It was very moving and difficult to bear. A number of people came up afterward and said that they thought that I was lucky because I could do something (spinal cord injury research). Many people were all charged up to do something to keep alive what Dana and Christopher started. A lot of celebrities were there. As you said, there was no dry eye in the audience.

    Susan Sarandon was great and I really am so glad that she decided to come and help the W2W Rally. Norah Jones sang and her songs are still echoing through my head. But, to tell you the truth, the hardest part was seeing the pictures of Dana with her singing in the background and Will's brave speech that really did me in.

    Person after person got up and talked about Dana's impish sense of humor that kicks in even during the worst of moments. Susan described how a few days before her death, Dana had a good day and decided to order a take-out sandwich from a local deli from her hospital bed, with tubes sticking out from all over her, laughing as she tried to get the person on the phone to make the sandwich just right.

    Will talked about his father's version of his courtship of Dana and her version, drawing laughter from the audience. He is so much like Dana that it hurts. He was comforting the audience in its darkest moments while he is the one who has lost the most.



    Quote Originally Posted by chasb
    The celebration was about 2 hours. No one left without tears.

    Don't bother reading any of the comments left on yahoo. Some of those people should be locked up for what they post.
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    Thank you for sharing the details of the service.

    "Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang

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    It was good to see you and Patricia on Monday, we have to stop meeting that way... Amazing, the last time you and I talked, we were having our picture taken while at lunch with Dana last April.

    I took notes but can't begin to make a shape or form of the tribute or the woman that Dana was and all that she gave. She was described as "Grace" and a litany of definitions were read, she was all that and more.

    One of the speakers Jack O'Brien urged us all to try harder, to do better. It seemed fitting. Dana always gave, even when she must have felt empty. I wonder if giving somehow made her feel full and alive?

    The story of Pandora was used to describe Dana and her beauty. Pandoras box the misfortune of her life. But most amazing of all, at the bottom of Pandora's box was HOPE. This I will carry close to my was a fitting analogy.

    Afterwards a few of my friends got together to raise a toast and a proper cheer to a kind, generous, wonderful woman. Her life was short but oh so full. I feel privilidged to have known her, to have assisted her and to have been blessed by her trust. A picture of her and I at last years rally sits atop by computer, a gift from a friend, one I will always treasure.

    I am not sure when the tears will stop.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Dr. Young,
    You are a lucky man. How many people can honestly say that what they do will not only affect peoples lives today, but also 100 years from now. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming, wishing science would move faster. Then I realize there are no shortcuts & time waits for no one.

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    Dr Young,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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    Thank you for re-living it for us to read, Wise and Cheesecake.
    I hope you both, and everyone involved have the utmost success with the rally this year. Fitting statement Chasb. Time doesnt seem to wait.

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