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Thread: New York "Rally For The Cure", Saturday June 10, Winter Garden in New York City

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    What hotel is everyone staying at?

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    Here is the direct link to the Rally webpage:


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    I've emailed regarding pledge $ but haven't heard back?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton
    I'll be there. Just hope this doesn't include a field trip to Connecticut...
    According to does not. Some encounters continue to be hazardous to our health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C.
    horse wagon, dog sled , or what?
    I need to participate.
    tim c
    Tim, if you can get a dealer to donate a car or van to raffle that would be fantastic! But a week's donation from a place that rents already modified vehicles would be a nice item for the silent auction. Really push the amount of great publicity the dealer would get from donating! You can email Patricia for all the details. General Motors could use a new sector to market to.
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