I receintly emailed Dr. Moviglia in Buenos Aires about his stem cell procedure. I got this response.

'Dear Mr. Cluskey

Dr. Fernández Viña has sent us your request, since we work together in the treatment of these lesions. Our treatment consists not only of the intra arterial infusion of stem cells but also of an adequate neurorehabilitation program, without which the results obtained by the stem cell infusion are practically useless.

Attached you will find a document with the scientific basis we have elaborated for the patients that contact us about spinal cord injury.

In this document you will be able to find a case we have treated in which the patient suffered from severe paraplegia and recovered his function and anatomical mass lost due to a car accident.

In order to be able to work on the therapeutic possibilities of the case you are presenting, we need to have some data such as the patient’s name and date of birth, type of lesion, date of the accident, treatments received and patient’s current condition.

Looking forward to hearing from you


Dr. Gustavo A. Moviglia

Medical Director

Instituto Regina Mater'

I was wondering what Dr. Young's opinion on this is?

(I had to split the document into 2)