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Thread: xrated Dis and Cure IMO also.

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    xrated Dis and Cure IMO also.

    Well I've came to a conclusion. The new voice and video chat bumps me every so many minutes, has a dis and needs a cure, maybe. Is there atleast a fucking cure for that dis atleast? Grrrr...fucking damn.


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    Let's put blame where it's deserved! Laptops weren't made to run 24/7 "someones slippingt" hello!

    IN OTHER WORDS: Try letting the computer cool off some time k? And on a personal note...I happen to know it's definately not chat errors. ty

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    where you been?
    cauda equina

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    Hey metro...i just take spurts /moods, where I stay off the computer. I always think of everyone though}

    Hows you been?


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    i have been ok, i hope you have been well , long time no hear from!
    cauda equina

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    needing a break

    Yes, ltns..I suppose we all need a break from the pc every so often, it causes burn out for myself. I'm glad you're doing good


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