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Thread: Hawaiian Singer Don Ho Receive Stem Cell Treatment

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    Hawaiian Singer Don Ho Receive Stem Cell Treatment

    US singer Ho recovering after stem cell treatment

    By Chawadee Nualkhair Fri Dec 9,12:42 AM ET

    BANGKOK (Reuters) - Hawaiian crooner
    Don Ho is recovering in a Thai hospital after undergoing an experimental stem-cell treatment yet to be approved in the United States.

    Ho, the 75-year-old singer of standards such as "Tiny Bubbles" and "I'll Remember You," suffered from an ailing heart that made it difficult for him to do normal things such as climbing stairs, his doctor, Kitipan Visudharom, said on Friday.

    "He told me sometimes it was hard for him to finish a song," said Kitipan, chief cardio-thoracic surgeon at the Bangkok Heart Hospital, who injected stem cells into Ho's heart on Tuesday.

    "It will take time. At least a couple of months before we see a good result," he said. "Usually we send them home in four days. But in his case we may have to wait just to be safe."

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    Why did his procedure to inject stem cell to his heart region cost 30K prox. and it costs 100k to inject stem cells to the sc? Is something different done to the blood to produce different stem cells?

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    "Clark said the procedure was likely to become available in the United States in 5 to 10 years"..,
    This is PATHETIC. If a patient is willing to accept the risk, it should be their own decision. This is why I have previously stated any advancements will definately not come from within the U.S. Those who donate money to sc research inside the U.S. should stop doing so. Look outside the U.S. ( to donate your money for research) where the advancements will be.

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