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Thread: Help us Eliminate the Twenty-Four Month Medicare Waiting Period

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    Help us Eliminate the Twenty-Four Month Medicare Waiting Period

    Many people know that Medicare serves both older adults and people with disabilities. Few are aware that, for Medicare coverage to begin, Americans with disabilities must wait 24 months from their first Social Security disability income payment, which is five months after Social Security deems them disabled.
    Medicare provides an invaluable safety net for Americans with disabilities, providing good, affordable health coverage when the private insurance market turns its back. Let us work together to make this health coverage available as soon as people need it, rather than 24 months later. Let us eliminate the 24-month Medicare waiting period.
    The Medicare Rights Center is committed to eliminating the Medicare coverage waiting period and we have recently embarked on a national media project to do so. Our goal is to focus attention on the personal experiences of people who:
    • are currently in the 24-month Medicare waiting period, or
    • finally got Medicare coverage after having gone through the two-year wait.

    These individuals would have to be comfortable talking to the press about their health care experiences during the Medicare waiting period. If you know of individuals with a compelling story who are willing to participate in this project, please let us know.

    Heidi Kreamer
    Communications Assistant
    1.800.333.4114 ext. 33

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    its the way the fed govt saves money at the expense of the workers who have been paying taxes into SSDI .
    most workers that qualify for ssdi probably have a lot of medical bills withing the first 27 months of this disabling life event, along with the double whammy of the inability to work and have an income
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    Amen to that! Been there, done that! What an exhausting struggle.

    It would have been easier just to have someone shoot me!
    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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    this thread should be in life,

    this thread should be in life, it will get more views
    it also should be posted on the brain talk ssdi forum
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