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    Exclamation butt question for nurse

    have had a wet spot in my pants where my anus is for the past two weeks and dont know what is causing this. I had my wife take a look and everything looks ok on the outside but it is moist when I wake up and all during the day. Anybody know what causes this and what to do to stop it? I dig stim with no suppositories or enema.

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    It's probably a bit of mucous from your bowel that is causing the wet spot. You might want to try gentling down on the dig stims for a while (not being quite as vigorous as you are accustomed to) to see if that helps. Otherwise if it continues, you may need to check in with your doctor. I have one patient who had this problem and it turned out he had an ulcer in his rectum, so it's best not to suffer in silence.


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