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Thread: looking for physical therapy in tx

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    Question looking for physical therapy in tx

    we are mving soon to tx . now we are trying to find a good physical therapy and dr who is familair with sci. it would be around san antonio and san marcos area.Anybody familair with this area?

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    Hi, Anna. There are many good rehabilitation centers in Texas. What city are you moving to? By the way, I am moving this to the Care Forum. Thanks.


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    Actually, it belongs in the Doctors and Clinics forum.

    There is no CARF accredited spinal cord center in San Antonio outside of the VA Medical Center, but there are several general rehabilitation centers there that are CARF accredited. I would call them and ask for a referral to a physiatrist who does primarily SCI care. They may be a source of outpatient therapy as well.

    Baptist Medical Center
    111 Dallas Street
    San Antonio,TX
    Phone 210-297-8190

    San Antonio Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital
    5101 Medical Drive
    San Antonio, TX
    Phone 210-616-0100

    Southwest General Hospital/Rehabilitation Unit
    7400 Barlite Road
    San Antonio, TX
    Phone 210-921-2000

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    This link may provide some useful information on potential rehab sites in Texas. Doug English is a former Detroit Lion football player. He is involved with a rehab hospital and a group of Doc's that are very interested in developing an aggressive SCI recovery rehab program in Texas. I believe they are located in Austin.

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