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Thread: Outpatient Facilities in NJ with a pool?

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    Outpatient Facilities in NJ with a pool?

    Hi All,

    I'm fairly new to this site as my boyfriend is a newly injured C4/C5 incomplete. We have to start looking into outpatient facilities for him, but I really want me to go to a center with a pool for aquatic therapy. Does anyone know if there is an outpatient center around NJ/NY/PA with a pool that also specializes in SCI therapy? He is currently at Kessler and for some reason, they filled the pool that they had. . .

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    Can't Kessler refer you to an appropriate pool? Do you need pool therapy or just an accessible pool? Talk to the recreation therapist and PT at Kessler for more information.

    Many acute rehab centers rarely use their pools as it is difficult to schedule this with the rushed inpatient stays they have now, and often does not work well with unhealed incisions, back and neck braces, and tenuous bowel program control so early on, plus the expense of maintaining the pool and therapist competence in this area.

    I am moving this to Doctors and Clinics. I hope others who live in that area can help.


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    there is a place just outside the city of philly called the carousel house. i don't think they have therapy there. but there is a pool there. i been there a few times (not in the pool though). i've seen how it works though, its pretty cool half the floor in the bottom of the pool rises up level with the floor around the edge and you wheel out on to it and transfer onto a chair and they lower it and your in. you could ask a therapist exercises to do in it. you'll probably need a doctors note to say that he's able to go in the pool. but anyway click the link there's a phone number and a little description. there are also other activities and sports he could get involved in. hope this helps. oh, here is a link to the programs and activities.

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    If under age 21

    Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, NJ has a pool. CSH is for people from birth-21. If your boyfriend is an adolescent or young adult, maybe he can go there.

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    Try JFK Edison,NJ they have a pool.

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