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Thread: Best Gadget for Opening Jars

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    Best Gadget for Opening Jars

    Takes very little effort. Slip over the lid and lift gently till you hear it pop the vacum. I could spin the lid off of a jelly jar just using the palm of my hand after the seal was broken. My wife must have 40 gizmos in this house for opening jars, not any more!

    I rate it a 10...

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    Wow. I was just getting ready to buy one of these from Allegro Medical on ebay. They want $11.00 plus $8.95 to ship. Much cheaper here.

    I have used an old pop top can opener for years to do this but sometimes it would damage the lid.


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    I've never bought anything from eBay. I just don't trust it and besides, who wants to spend days bidding on a simple jar opener!!!!

    And what a rip-off that $8.95 shipping charge is. It only weighs a few ounces and doesn't need any special padding or packaging. It's a manual jar opener for Pete's sake!
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