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Thread: Strong Smelling Urine...but no infection..

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    yeah i do clean cathing personally, but re-using caths caused me to get one right away, plus i like just using a sterile cath. i have a thing about my personal hygiene, but not obsessive, just like to be clean
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    I don't like using new catheters. Since my hands are dripping in hydrogen peroxide and the catheters are such a pain in the arse to get outta the sterile packaging, I need to rinse my hands with HP again. We all have own ways of doing things.

    And the packaging fills up the tiny trashcan in my bathroom too fast. More work! And of course, as hard as I try, I can never slide the packaging off the catheter directly into the trashcan so I always end up having to pick it up off the damn floor! I'm so damn lazy. Plus they cost about a buck a piece and that can add up to $180 a month. That's a lotta doggie treats!

    Like I said, I don't believe the catheter is the problem anyway. IMO, it's the bacteria incubating in the meatus/urethra that's the cause of most UTIs.
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    I take vitamin C and cranberry capsules for my bladder, though I think the cranberry has affected the odor, making it slightly sweet. Has anyone else noticed this? My parents have become convinced during the last couple of days that I have a UTI because my urine smells stronger and my legs have been stiffer in the morning when we stretch them; I think they're just smoking crack, but who knows? I have noticed that the smell is stronger but it's not the putrid stench I noticed the time I did have a UTI.
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    My urine smells horrific. I find that when I am increasing my dosage of zanaflex it smells the worst. I try to avoid needing a foley and legbag because I can't get the smell out of anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    It's really impossible for a person with an SCI type bladder to keep their urine clear. It's really best to ignore the smell (and to clean your urinary appliances appropriately) to maintain them odor free. You can take vitamin c or cranberry capsules (not cranberry juice, it has too much sugar in it) and these might help a little bit.


    thank you cause I drink the juice like water sometimes, guess I'll go back to the pills, plus my urine stinks too, so it's a common relation..

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    With the self inclosed caths in the bag, you can tear the bag and empty in the garbage. I use them and have not had an infection in years, knock on wood.

    I have had the augmentation and sometimes the smell knocks me out for a few days then it will be fine. Guess it could be what I eat never thought of that.
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    Same problem please help!

    I have have been to 4 doctors for the issue posted bellow! I'm so upset. The dr's tested me for bacteria infections &I came up clean so y did antibiotics clear up the smell for a month or two?
    kovyfan1127 did you ever solve your problem?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by kovyfan1127 View Post
    Ok all....I consistently have strong smelling urine...but every time I have a urine culture done...I have no infection.

    If I take an antibiotic...the smell goes away, but once I stop taking it...the smell comes back.

    Is there a non-prescription supplement that I could take that could lesson and/or remove the smell?

    T-6 para 22 years.

    thanks all!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Needhelp View Post
    I have have been to 4 doctors for the issue posted bellow! I'm so upset. The dr's tested me for bacteria infections &I came up clean so y did antibiotics clear up the smell for a month or two?
    kovyfan1127 did you ever solve your problem?!?
    If you tell a little about yourself like what you use to manage your bladder, are you SCI? It could be simply your diet.
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    Bladder management could be apart of it. Also, while you may not have an infection, you could have colonization of your urine, which could be why the smell goes away with the antibiotics, but reappears. Colonization is when you have bacteria present, but not enough to make it an infection, or you don't have the symptoms to go with the infection. How much and what do you drink? How do you manage your bladder?

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    I am a T3/T4 complete 2 years past, caught a uti while in hospital a year ago attempting to get a colonoscopy done. Was on different antibiotics for almost 9 months trying to get rid of it until i was told by Another urologist it was normal for some sci patients to be colonized and that i shod only use ABs if i had fever.

    I stopped all Abs since, still test positive for bacteia but no fever or cloudy urine. Is it safe to do this int he long run or am running the risk of damaging my kidneys or heart?

    i do CIC 5 times a day

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