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Thread: When seeing red has nothing to do with anger (Help SCI nurse!)

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    When seeing red has nothing to do with anger (Help SCI nurse!)

    SCI nurse/SCIers:

    On a fairly regular basis, I discover bright red blood (of varying but small amounts) on my glove during digital stimulation for my bowel routine. I try to take the utmost precautions (e.g. being gentle as possible and not extending beyond my second knuckle), but this is all about getting results, right? While I do not encounter blood each time, have I torn my colon in such a matter that it can't heal properly, nicked my prostate gland, experiencing bloodshed from internal hemmorhoids, etc.? Not that I expect an Internet diagnosis from anyone, but any advice that would point me in the right direction would be appreciated. How seriously should I be concerned? On a side note, I underwent a sygmoidoscopy regarding poor bowel program results (the typical neurogenic bowel woes) approximately 18 to 24 months ago. Everything checked out fine then with no visible concerns such as disease or polyps.


    P.S. I just love SCI (yeah, right). It turns you into a hypochondriac.

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    Blood with bowel care

    The bleeding you describe is almost certainly from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are very common in SCI people--they are made worse by the pressures in the colon that SCI people experience. You can have your physician evaluate them with a rectal exam when you next see him but I would recommend that you not worry too much about this right now. Some things you can do to soothe them is take a hemorrhoidal suppository (brand names aren't really important) before and after bowel care; this will help to soothe and lubricate things so that you will experience less bleeding. If your hemorrhoids are severe enough, you doc can refer you to a surgeon to have them removed. But overall, this is no cause for panic.

    Take care.

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