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Thread: Shower Chair Question

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    Shower Chair Question

    I'm looking to buy a shower chair. I searched through the old threads and saw the main chair of choice was the Active-Aid. Is this still the case? Have more people tried the Invacare Mariner? My insurance doesn't cover anything for the bathroom. I can get a Mariner for $600 versus $1400 for an Active-Aid. I also saw the Etac but the Etac's seat isn't padded so that's out of the question. Are there any other chairs anyone can recommend?

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    Do you us your shower chair just to shower or for your BP also? I appealed ins. not paying for mine because I use it for my BP therefor making it a necessity. Just a thought. I now have the active aid my only complaint is that when I got mine they did not hae the folding model which I need for traveling.
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    You can get a padded seat cushion for the Etac...I love the etac chair. They offer a ROHO cushion for it, but it is expensive for the ROHO. Appeal your insurance company for your shower chair, especially if you get a rolling one for bp too.... The model of etac I got it the Etac Clean and I got the contour seat cushion....
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    Thanks for the appeal idea. My insurance is pretty strict when it comes to the shower chair. Its weird. I can get a new chair about every year and half or so if I wanted, but the shower chair is always a problem. I'll try the BP angle though.

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    Do the arms fold up on that Etac chair? cause i really like the looks of that..

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    They pop up and swing out of the way. It's a really nice feature b/c you can pull it right off the chair if you want or just rotate it around the back side so you can transfer w/out hitting it.
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    I have the Mariner and like it a lot. It's sturdy and comfortable. I had a new seat made with more padding since the factory seat was quite hard. The armrests flip back too.

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    Ive got the Mariner also..but the wheels are so far back ive always found it a bastard to push.All the self propelled chairs have the wheels to far back,why cant they make one more like a normal chair,huh? Why? Why damnit?

    That Etac looks a little better..Whats that chair like for pushin Chelle,huh? Tell me? tell me now? huh?

    Ive been searchin for a decent,comfortable,practical shower chair for 7yrs..

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    I have used the InvaCare Shower/Shit chair for over 10 years. The handles comes off easily and I can maneuver myself rather easily. Have you looked at that? It's about $700 and comes with a reasonably soft cushion.

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    Where can I see a pic of the etac chair?
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