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Thread: I do not know hwere to put this or what to really call it...

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    I do not know hwere to put this or what to really call it...

    but, here is the thing. God, I feel like I am whining, but to put it in simple terms, ever since this has happened to me, I have NEVER been treated like such crap as I am now, and I have tried being optimistic, looking at myself for incurring this wrath or whatever....

    Well, I have been promised by multiple agencies adaptive equipment, and the lead around Robinhood's barn and never got anything. I ended up with a wheelchair that is inapprpriate for my lifestyle or where I live. Its basicly useless. (Medicare spent $32,000.00 and it just sits here) I have been abused by PCA's, doctors, nurses (yes, one deliberately yanked on my foley as hard as she could because she was PO'ed because she did not know how to insert it correctly, I'vwe had another tear my skin tearing tape off me.) I have been robbed multiple times by PCA's. I have had my doctor kick me to the curb and not refer me to anyone because I required to much paperwork...just left me abandoned, and I have had unreal problems finding a new doctor, or even getting there. I was totally ripped off by a van dealership and first it was a lawyer dragging his heels, now its the courts taking forever to give me a court date. I have been accused of lying by the electric company that I had a severe disability, and they almost refused my hardship application. I had someone deliberately remove the pest repelent device I had installed and almost all of upstairs was destroyed by mouse urine and fecies, chewing etc. I was at one time dumped off medicaid and have incurred a mess of medical bills that I am going to be paying off for years.(I am now back on it but am stuck with the bills) I have had several agencies try to stuff me in a nursing home...I hate institutions and am almost militant about my hatred for them, I've even dumped "friendships" with people I knew for 20 years over it. Its been one thing after another, and I hate getting rude with people, and hate sounding like I'm having a major pity party, but I am going to be blunt...people have been in general AWFUL to me. Have others here been treated like nothing but a blob that has no real right to exist, or have any inteligence at all, or try to get ahead and function as normal?

    I get frustrated with the disability, but I can deal with it, its people that have really stunk. I can say a few good friends or social workers have been of some big help, but they cannot do everything or solve every problem. They are only human. But what really puzzles me, confounds me and really hurts is that I get treated like a nonentity until I get a lawyer, the police, a legal advocate, or sue them that I get any real action. Why? What can I do about it?

    I hit bottom today when I realized and saw what has been done to me. I have tried to get over it and celebrate the season with decorating for
    Christmas etc. But as I clean up I keep finding more and more and more....Am I crazy, or a winepot...or is this normal? What is wrong? Me? I've done all those recomended things. I have stuck to my ground and been persistant. I've reached a point where I no longer can take it. I guess you could say I am at a fork in the road and do not know which way to go.
    I cannot afford to replace the items. I cannot get out to get the items. Some of the items I had taken are not available in this country.
    Also why are PCA's not trained, licenced, or have some way of tracking them and forcing them to be accountable. These are people we let into our homes, trust with our bodies adaptive equipment, and our medical devices and supplies. They should be required to be accountable....someone please explain......
    If this sounds like a rant or ramble, it sort of is, but also I am looking for an answer, and if those that have high level injuries especially, can add to their experience and what they did, it would be a huge help.

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    First off instead of Tweety it should be Sweety. It isn't you at all, what you feel is very appropriate and understandable. You're not going crazy and your not just ranting. Your not a rammbling whiner at all, as a matter of fact you sound very strong and very sain. There's nothing wrong with whining anyway, I'm a professional at it.

    That bitch that hurt you by yanking on the catheter needs her ass ripped out her throat. Reading that infuriated me, what a piece of shit. My god where do these people come from? They need to be buried back under the crusty worm beds they crawled out of. Ok, I'm done, sorry, actually no I'm not I meant it. That bitch. Is there a maximum swear per thread we're allowed? I might use that ammount up here.

    I've read your previous posts about your PCA's and how they've treated you and tried to weasle their way around trying to get away with bullshit under your nose. They are useless nobody's and I'm glad you got rid of them. I hope they go nowhere in life from this point on. I'm glad you called the police and I hope they at least keep their names on file incase more things come up with them with other people.

    Your old doctor sounds very lazy and he shouldn't have gone to school to be a doctor if he didn't like paperwork, unreal. What a tool he is.

    I agree 100% about nursing homes, it's the last place you want to be and shouldn't be if you have a home already.

    About being rude, I hear you there, I also hate being rude. It seems if you aren't being straight forward and demanding people will walk all over you. I am now very different in the way I talk to people. Before when I was able bodied I was 190lbs fit and 6'3" so looking down at people I didn't need to ask twice when I wanted something. When I was injured I noticed instantly how people just started deciding things for me. I almost had to say "hey, hello, i broke my neck not my brain you dickhead" for anyone to listen. It's perfectly fine to get what you want, don't worry about anyone else but you.

    I'm glad that you have a few good friends and a couple of social workers to talk to and help with a few things. At least there are a few sain people you can be around to help with your nerves.

    The reason why a person usually has to go to such difficult lengths to get people to smarten up like call the cops or sue is because many people out there are in it for them and nobody else. It's very sad and the people that try to take advantage of others are pathetic for doing it.

    The holiday season is when all the things piling up on our backs really start to be too much. My feelings get really strong around this time and I don't feel the greatest because things around this time usually aren't the greatest. Actually almost every year around this time things go to shit. Buuuut I guess I crawl out of it and make it to the next shitty season. I know you will too.

    I really hope things start to change for you Sweety. I know you deserve it, you've been through enough to recieve a little break.

    Take care.
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    Thanks, Northquad, I am so sick of being treated like I did something wrong, and I didn't. I just wish this whole thing would end. I do not want to turn into a "bitch", but its getting so I dread waking up in the morning....I cannnot live like this any more. I just wish I had not made it sometimes, and its getting so I wonder if I can hold on any more. I just want to know how to stop this. If I keep my mouth shut they just keep on doing this stuff. If I do something about it I get told "Oh, there is nothing I can do." I just want so badly to retaliate it isn't even funny, and be vindictive, but that doesn't even help. But why is the PCA program set up so that we are so vulenable? They should be licenced, and registered so there is a safe way and relaiable way to check them out.

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    What about asking them to get a police clearance to check for possible criminal background and asking for references? Speak to someone they've worked for before?
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    This one cleared all that. I used to have my licence to do Cori's and did them, but it really was no help. This is because I found that the references would lie to get them off their backs, would be friends, and would act diferently in a place of busness vs someone's home. I tell you I have tried it all.
    I think the concept of the PCA program is wonderful, but as it is set up now, it sucks. I can no longer stand it as it is now. These people need training (I am not just talking about the medical stuff, but attitude stuff), licencing, and there be a board of registration and a real way to check these people. People without some god clearences should NOT be working in people's homes.....I cannot understand why there is not.

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    Well my PCA program runs two different ways. You can either be with their company or by yourself. Meaning they can find people for you or you can find people yourself. If they find people for you, that means they are tied in with the company. So if anything happens they are liable for whatever they do. They also have to go through a training program before they get hired. But in my case I hire my own people. Luckily for me I had picked good people. But at the same time my father is usually around the house. So I doubt a PCA would try anything. Even when he leaves, they still treat me and respect me the same. For I had nothing ever stolen for I can oversee anything in my room. And anything of value is usually placed where it would be noticeable for them to take it. I also get the option to fire the PCA.

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    I keep harping on this but the Govt. wastes too much money on disability programs that do very little to improve the lives of those with real disabilities.PCAs need paid better thus better people are attracted to the job.Now we get those that can't find work anywhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad
    First off instead of Tweety it should be Sweety. It isn't you at all, what you feel is very appropriate and understandable. You're not going crazy and your not just ranting. Your not a rammbling whiner at all, as a matter of fact you sound very strong and very sain.
    I've been following your misadventures here too Tweety and Northquad really summed up the way I feel as well !! What frustration .... you need someone to advocate more for you ... is there no one you can trust to help you ... I'm afraid all I can do is send you some light and remind you you can rant away on us any damn time you feel like it ... we'll always be here. You just never know who might be reading and may be able to assist you or offer insight to some of your dilemmas .... maybe you and Jimnms should team up .... between the two of you you could write a book of misadventures and experiences .... and listen I'd invite you to come up here to the great white north but I'm afraid you'd need chains on your chair tires this time of year .... I'd much rather come visit you (and then I could kick some stupid pca ass ) .... Hang in there Tweety love!

    Hey I just had an idea .... maybe you could concoct some tasty little herbal remedy that would take care of all those loosers ...
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    Guess what reappeared today? All the missing stuff except for two window scrapers, the blank CD's and the tool kit that was already replaced. I also have some really great news....the guy who is supposed to fix my roof arrived....guess what it is and beleive it or not, its easy to fix? There is an area of sill that is rotted, and I have a broken rafter. He patched me up and has a jack under the area and is slowly jacking up the roof so the house is off the sill a bit so he can replace that bad section, and when we have a warmer day he is going to cut the roof, go in and sister up another peice along side it and then fix the roof. Then its on to the bulkhead.The jacking thing is done slowly so it will not damage anything. Its like a kid getting braces for his teeth, the wires are tightened every so often. This guy is doing all of this for FREE! Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity, Steve!, and the Knights of Columbus!!!!! He has pilot's licence to boot and he is so interesting to talk to! What a nice guy!!!! We were taking about tail draggers today and the airport I used to do touch and goes at!
    I think after last night's little episode, I think the problems being gone for good, Things will go a little better. Also I have an advocate, Richard Chapman, who is doing some serious butt kicking as far as doctors are concerned, I was really feeling bad as I felt like everything was pileing up as I also am out of all my pain meds and antinflamitories. It seems stupid I have to get an advocate to do the basic crap...its infuriating and dumb!!!, but thank God for Rickard Chapman!!!! After the crap this creep was doing and calling me when I am attending to bodily functions while on the throne, and having to call the police to get her to leave me alone, and force her to stop trying to jigger with the payroll. I wasn't going to toke crap from her. Basicly I had hit a wall and would have thrown something at her if I had the chance to.....and the ability to transfer independently gone, really pisses me off so badly........why in hell hasn't someone inventented something at this point. In my opinion its unexcusable there hasn't been something invented yet beyond hoyers and transfer boards.......I hate needing assistance to get my fat butt out of bed....grrrrrrr..........
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    A change is on the way

    Hey, sweetybird I will be thinking about you, things will improve, just hang in there a while longer.
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