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Thread: Ingrown toenail - again

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    Ingrown toenail - again

    I have yet another ingrower, just about a month after it was cut out.
    I am fed up with having to see a chiropodist nearly every month to get rid of ingrowers, only have to have them return quickly.

    I can't feel them, so they don't hurt, but I've had enough of worrying about what's going on, and also the treatment is proving quite expensive!

    I've seen people here talking about some process to get rid of the toenail (or part of it?) permanently - could anyone explain what is involved with this?
    And also, is such treatment likely to cause AD? (ingrowers don't give me AD, but I am prone to it from other causes).

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    Keps........full amputation of both feet and replacement with purple prosthetic's the only answer.

    I had trouble at first but since being at home working I tend to wear slippers instead of shoes - sexy eh - I think shoes are often the prob. Do you wear pointy girly ones?

    Also see you are experimenting with the bold, full frontal - face - avatar now favoured by previously anonymous members - Shaun has even ditched his moose....
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    Before they get too bad you can just kinda cut and pull them out yourself with a pair of "sterilized" toenail clippers. Wash them well and pour a lot of 70% isopropyl alcohol on them and your toes and go to town. It's a little bloody but the job gets done. I'm not a doctor so you may not wanna do it my way but....
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Very funny, Mr. Rhino

    I wear big boats on my feet, so I don't think they are to blame. I think it's because my feet swell to epic proportions during the day - I think it makes then flesh dig into the nails.

    And anyway, I would no way wear slippers like you, old man Rhino!
    Do you partake of a pipe and mint humbugs, too?

    Bob, your suggestion sounds scary! I don't fancy hacking at my own toenails. i think I'd feel a bit queasy if I did so. And couldn't it provoke AD?

    Thanks for suggestions guys - keep 'em coming.

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    ouch we just keep an eye then cut down on sides


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    Hi, I'm new. My son is a C6 complete, 5 yrs post. He has had a problem in the past with ingrown nails. His pod. cut down the side of the nail, took out only that portion and then put a little acid at the base to kill the root. That part of the nail never grows back but the nail still looks normal. Much better then yanking it out.

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    I had constant nail problems, even after having them ccut back, so i have had both big toenails removed. Takes bout 20-30min a toe to do. Basically tey freeze the toe, carefully seperate the nail bed from the nail, then pull the nail from the end of the toe. They then burn the cutical area and bed to prevent it from growing back. Takes 6-8 weeks to heal up. Just had it done so can't tell yha exactly how it looks after a long time, but itlooks like a mutant prune right now.

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    Okay, Patonb, THAT creeped me out!

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    my son is 11.5 months post injury, about 6 months out he started to have the same problem , one podiatrists cut them on sides which made his condition even worst
    Cuting on sides causes nails to grow into the flash and causing aggravation to the surrounding area... inflamation, infection .. New doctor advised us on an "old fassion" method, but proven - packing sides and underneath the toe nail with a tiny amount of cotton ( you make it like a string) change it every other day ... of course soak in water ( Epsom salt) I put an oitment and other untibacterial stuff as well
    His nails look much better, it is a lengthy process to get the nail grow to the distance where they are passed that point -- that "digging in " point ..

    I hope my description makes sense if not PM me with questions

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    I to suffered from this problem with both of my big toes, and like Pantonb I finally had the entire toenail removed, it was the best thing I ever did in relation to this problem. It was painless no AD and only took about twenty minutes to do both toes. The recovery and care was fairly easy . It took about two weeks for them to heal over and about two months for them to show no signs of anything other than no toenails. I have pictures of what they look like if you are interested if so private message me and I will be glad to send them to you.

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