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Thread: Lyrica

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    1/2 Stimulator

    Whats up with that. Does it only cover one leg, part of the time, or have you only made half the payments. Let me know how you feel, dont keep me in suspense. My test period is next wednesday.

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    Well at day 12 or 13- the lyrica has finally started to kick in at 300 mg per day - I've had 2 nights of about 50% pain relief. Sides continue to be relatively minor - slight somnolence, some reduction in fine motor coordination and balance, which was pretty poor to begin with. All in all a great trade off.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GoBig
    Whats up with that. Does it only cover one leg, part of the time, or have you only made half the payments. Let me know how you feel, dont keep me in suspense. My test period is next Wednesday.
    i had problems with the electrode in my dura, it kept spitting sutures and getting abscess around the sutures. after 2 attempts to open and drain and check for infection, the wire and electrode were removed, they had to open the incision on my hip where the generator is to remove the lead. i had th staples and stitches removed today, probably attempt to put a new lead and electrode in about a month. this time going to try and put the lead lower into my nerve root.
    my pain is bizarre, it changes, however i think some of it was from the AFO Strap or high top shoes that may have compressed the nerves around the ankle. even though the pain would start on the ankle every night around 8 pm when the shoes were off, the pain stopped around spring time, thats when i went to low sandals full time, and could use the AFO less.
    lyrica doesnt seem to do anything for the stenosis shocks i have. however it hink it helps me get a shoe on, the foot is vey sensitive and i couldnt weat a shoe for a long time
    cauda equina

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    Hi all...

    I just found this forum and found it is quite good so I just joined and am posting my first post. I have been on Lyrica for 6 days now, first 5 days were one 50mg at bedtime and then 2 a day for a total of 100mg daily. No side effects or anything yet, but I know it may take time to get working if it does. I am also on Xanax, .50mg as needed and 100mg Zoloft once a day. So, glad to meet you all and I hope I can learn something by coming here and/or, in someway, be a benefit to the forum.

    Gene in New Jersey

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    Glad to have you! I just started with Lyrica and notice no difference with the pain just yet ~ it's only been 2 days since I've taken 150 (50mg 3 X a day)mg.
    I'm also in Jersey...

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    Jersey and NYC seem to be taking over the thread!

    I'm on Lyrica a little over two weeks now (counting was never a strong suit) and at 300 mg a day for the last week. It is only in the second week that I've noticed improvements in symptoms - pain down about 50% (from an 8-9 to a 4-5) I can sleep through the night for the first time in months ( I was injured 6 months ago - pain started in month 2)

    No significant sides ( a little sleepiness after each dose increase that fades over the first few day) I have noticed an unfavorable change in daytime pain - much more focussed "electrical" style pain as opposed to my usual burning. Very distracting and getiing a little worse each day for the last 4-5 days. I'd say a 6 on the scale today. I talk to my neurologist (Bright and caring doc by the way) Monday and see what he thinks.

    also in Jersey

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    I started using lyrica end of september 2 x 75mg and went up to 2 x 300mg. The pain (burning) was a bit less but the side effects were too much to handle. Immediate increase in appetite and weight gain, diziness and less spasms in my legs (which I use/need for transfers). The spasms couldn't be linked to the lyrica by my Dr. but the day after I took my last 75mg capsule, the spasms were back! (and no appetite anymore)
    Last week, after a week of intense pain, I decided to give lyrica another chance. Appetite's back, spasms are gone, no diziness until now. And pain is do-able... Maybe I have to give it a bit more time this time; maybe the side effects will disappear.

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    I have been on Lyrica for 10 days now, no side effects and no relief in pain. I am only on 100MG per day as my doctor wants to wean me on it slowly. I will wean on it slowly until I get to 300mg a day. By the way, I thought Baclofen and Zanaflex were for spasticity and not for spasms. I was on both, at different times, for spasticity in my legs, a few years back and could not handle the side effects. I also remember hearing that Quinine is good for spasms. Oh well, what works for one will not work for another.

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    I need some help! I have been in really bad pain for about a year( my injury has been only two years old). Initially my doctor treated me with Gabpentin and each week we increased it until we maxed out. Since then I have tried Baclofen, Topamax and several others, too many to name. So the next move was surgery. I was diagnoised with a syrnix, two shunts were placed and I was sent on my way. (still in pain) I went to Monterry, Mexico to have my stem cell transplant. Thats were I was given Lycria, I perfer Gabpentin but I'm maxed out an still in pain! Currently I take baclofen,zanaflex which I love, doxepen(dr. decided I should go the anti-depressent route), and oxycondone, which keeps me awake!

    I just need some reflif....HELP...PLEASE!!!!

    oh by the way i'm c5-6 incomplete, any advice would be great no awesome

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    by maxed out on gabapentin what do you mean? what dose?
    how much lyrica per day are you taking? i know about the oxycodone keeping awake routine. i have to take a sleep medication timed closely with the oxycodone.
    cauda equina

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