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Thread: Lyrica

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    i tried provigil about 5 years ago when i waqs on high level of neurontin, 3200 a day, it seemed to work for a while then no longer worked qas well.
    maybe the meds over rode ot.
    i dtsrted adderal acouple moths ago, it made a hufe difference in quality of life.
    my lyrica dose is now 300mg a day minimal, plus a patridge in a pear tree type medicines.
    cauda equina

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    My doctor wanted to try Lyrica, I did, it worked better than Gabapentin. I've gained weight with the Gabapentin and my hands, feet, and ankles tend to swell, a lot.

    The results with trying the Lyrica were better, but, I can't afford it and don't qualify for any help.

    So, I've been reading about the good results with Topamax, and all the weight Brokenwing lost changing to it, so I called the pharmacy. Cost is as high as the Lyrica and no generic.

    I go back, again, to the clinic on Wednesday. If I were the family dog, I'd put me down.................

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    one thing i noticed weird with lyrica,
    is the time that urine is produced.
    i would cat before bed and 3 hours later need to cath again , with about 400ml produces. i have sensation, so i get the feeling to pee, at 400 it can trigger it especially if trying to get back to sleep. i dont know if this is the lyrica or just the water retention in legs from reclining. i never had to cath before in 3 hours after laying down to sleep.
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    Hey smokey, if you contact the mfg directly, sometimes the will give pills, or sell at much reduced rate.
    Metro, I've been on lyrica since b4 my cauda eq. and swelling is a prob w/ me too. A couple of my other drugs do also tho, so I never know which is doin it when.
    As far as cathing, yup I get the sensation about 3-4 hrs into sleep at night, but not during the day, some days I've gone 6-7 hrs, and cath just 400-500.

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    Baclofen vs Lyrica

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I had been on Baclofen for many years, but after last week's unrelenting hellfire pain reached a new pitch I finally broke down yesterday and took Lyrica. A dr of mine has been pushing it for a long time, but I am so susceptible to side affects I was afraid.

    It was very strange- I had been on Percocet constantly for days straight with no relief, and within 45 minutes after taking the Lyrica I noticed a change in the pain. This is only day 2. I am terrified of side fx- 10 + years ago a dr suggested neurontin but I refused.

    In any case, thank you all for sharing information. I know that women and men metabolize meds very differently, and can be more or less prone to side affects. When i look at threads about medications, I always wonder whether the person posting is male or female when they describe their experiences- just a suggestion for threads...

    Q: anyone who has been on Bac for many years notice side effects? more or less than lyrica? I noticed that i am trembling a lot when trying to write since beginning Lyica. Bad since I am an instrumentalist and need fine motor control. But seeing as how i was trapped at home curled up in a ball from pain and unable to play anyway.... rock and a hard place.

    thanks all
    -V (female)

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    Most people, both men and women, find that if you take Lyrica at a steady dose, the CNS side effects go away in 3 weeks if you are patient. I would take it with food. I find that if one takes it on an empty stomach, the side effects are felt greater, perhaps it get absorbed slower with food in the stomach, just my observation.....

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