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Thread: Lyrica

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    Ive been using Baclofen for pain for about 1 1/2 years, it works pretty well, but now my Dr. thinks I should try Lyrica, thinking it will have less side effects. He thinks baclofen is a "dirty drug" and lyrica is cleaner, but after reading the side effects of lyrica I am nervous about trying it. It seems to have a lot more side effects. Has anyone ever used Lyrica? Should I try it or just stick with what works? I am on 40mg a day of baclofen, is that a lot? Any thoughts would help.


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    i really dont think lyrica has that many side effects, at least it doesnt have the sleepiness of neurontin, and i dont get the carb cravings. the good things about these meds is IMO they are much easier to come off of than narcotics. i only tried baclophen for a short peroid, its a much older med.
    itd a anti spasm drug i think. zanaflex is the newer version of anti spasm i think. i dont beleive lyrica is a anti spasm
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    Yes your right Baclofen is an antispasm med, but for some reason it works for pain for me, dont know why. I guess I am a little nervous about switching to a new drug, I was wondering if anyone else has tried lyrica. Sounds like it might be worht a try with less side effects, but when you read the drug information sheets some of the stuff on there can be downright scary.

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    I Just Got Off Licra And Had Bad Sides.i Tryed To Stay With It As Long As I Could Because It Took Away The Burning In My Feet I Was So Happy That The Burning Was Gone. After About 4 Days My Vision Was So Blurry Coudent Read Or Watch Tv. Then Confusion And Headaches Started Tryed To Stay With It But Coudent Drive And No Way Am I Going To Not Have That Took Me Several Days To Get Back To Old Self.i Have A Pump In And It Works Much Better Than Pills For Control Of Spasams.bacoflin Has Never Helped My Pain.

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    I'm in the process of figuring out if Lyrica is causing pain in my gums.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I take zanaflex and baclofen for spasms. I take morphine for pain. It works very well. It dosent make me sleepy, for some reason I cant fall asleep too easily. I take remeron and ambien for sleep at night and still have problems falling asleep.

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    Hi I took Bacoflen too and it worked good for a while , then stopped . I am now on Flexerill . I am hearing some good things about Lyrica . My dr. asked me if I wanted to try it , but I am on Ameritriptiline for now and it works . So if It aint broke dont try to fix it. I may try Lyrica in the furture.
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    I think i agree, if it aint broke dont try and fix it, im not sure why my doctor had an aversion to Baclofen, but I am now down to only 20mg a day and my pain seems to be tolerable, I have no idea why it works for me but it does so i am going to stay with it.

    Thanks all.

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    well i decided to try this Lyrica and boy was I FLYING AROUND THIS AM . ENERGY I couldnt believe it . Did it effect you that way the first time you tried it. I cleaned 3 rooms and did the floor in the bathroom . wow .

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    i wish! but i find lyrica a lot less problematic than neurontin, i have more energy and less sleepiness, with neurontin i never had a hard time sleeping,
    with lyrica i still need to take a sleep med, the oxycodone i take at night wakes me up.
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