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Thread: Effects of long term foley use on bladder capacity

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    Long term cathater use 12 yrs has put me in same place. Nurse urged me for a year to get suprapubic cath, then when I said ok, the dr. looked at test and said bladder to small, what do we do now. Getting immuned to drugs, changing cath once a week to avoid infections getting hold. Any suggestions also wanted.

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    If the problem is bladder size, then it sounds as though you should look into a bladder augmentation to increase the size of your bladder. That could be combined with a Mitrofanoff procedure, which would allow you to ditch the indwelling catheter and instead intermittent cath through a small stoma that is often hidden in your belly button. Changing from an indwelling cath to IC should also cut back on the number of UTIs you get.

    But to be honest, I don't understand how your bladder can be too small to accommodate a SP catheter if it can handle a urethral catheter. Perhaps the nurse can explain this.
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    I can report this. After two years of continuous foley drainage, my bladder was down to about 300 cc. After about ten years with a condom cath when it was removed, it was up to about 500 cc. Back in those days, we were all experiments. Hope you benefit from that.
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    Women have smaller bladders to begin with. Constant draining does not allow the bladder muscle to expand and contract, thus decreasing the size. One reason that doc might have said that is the catheters used with suprapubic's are usually larger in diameter - that with the balloon, and the bladder size, might not allow for a larger catheter.


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    Thanks for the feed back on sp cathing and small bladders. My second urologist I see for noncancer tumor in kidney suggested mitrandorf ic but not sure I can do it with limited finger c/4 quad, did read another quads procedure, live in the country have help in morning than by myself 6 hrs, will concider it and will be talking to him just watching tumor to see growth or attaching to other organ, grew 1.5 cent. Thanks Karen

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    What's the typical bladder capacity after 3 years of Foley cath use?

    I'm trying to determine what is a safe injection volume for cath irrigation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C5Ski09 View Post
    What's the typical bladder capacity after 3 years of Foley cath use?

    I'm trying to determine what is a safe injection volume for cath irrigation.
    This varies widely. Some only have 30-40 cc. of capacity. Why are you irrigating? If for a clogged catheter and you are having AD, the clinical practice guidelines suggest using only 25-30 cc. for this, and if you get no return, repeating no more than twice before changing the catheter instead, since if the irrigant does not drain, you just make things worse by using too much irrigation solution.


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