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Thread: Leg Ulcer sufferer seeks help.....

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    Leg Ulcer sufferer seeks help.....

    Hello all;

    I'm a new member here in the forum and after reading some of the heart wrenching stories of others here with chronic ulcer problems, I figured we might be of help to one another.

    Anyway, ever since my childhood I suffer from leg ulcers. The reason why I get ulcers on my legs has been a mystery however and in the end, the only permanent fix for my ulcers seem to be skin grafts but did have smaller wounds heal with Unna Boots and creams sometimes.

    My question is, I live in New York City and have been looking for some cutting edge ulcer specialist who can maybe help me to discover what's actually wrong with me and stop these ulcers from reoccuring. I would appreciate if members could reach out and tell me about some of the best docs in the city.

    To explain why I'm not current on the latest news, for some time now I have been out of touch with doctors as healing these beasts can wear on you and sometimes you may find yourself drained and losing hope. Fortunately, I've gotton past this feeling and have the energy to once again try to fight. I can't totally cry as I'm not crippled and can work despite the pain however having ulcers can eat away at the fabric of your soul and get you depressed as we all know here who have them.

    On the bright side, I've been getting them now for almost 30 years so it's not a fatal condition but as we ulcer sufferers know, having an ulcer is like shaking the hand of Satan. The burning, itchy, stinging and suffering we go through is truly unappreciated by most except our closest of family who truly see our suffering. Anyway, thanks for the ear here and I hope to hear from some of you as I am ready to start helping myself again.

    To describe my wounds briefly, I suffer from ulcers on both legs below the knee only. I usually get them in either my shin or ankle. Fortunately, I'm very skilled at caring for my wounds so there is no large debris present in my wounds so they appear pink and clean with only liquid drainage evident. None of my wounds are into my bone and that deep and instead stay fairly shallow, however they never close and continue to stay stagnated in the healing process. The way these ulcers start is a mystery however as one day I'll notice a wound on my leg without bumping it or injury. I'll feel the small wound burning away, a good sign of a future ulcer and at this point the wound goes nuts and does it's damage. End result is years of treatment to close them. I've had testing for diabetes and poor circulation and ultrasound and other have all come up inconclusive. They always called it an inflammatory leg ulcer however this term signifies that the onset of these wound is the unknown. They hinted at allergy or immune system issues being the cause but nobody has ever been sure exactly why I get them.

    Thanks and good luck to all you ulcer sufferers, I surely am feeling your pain, up close and personal.....

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    It sounds like you have been dealing with this for a long time. Yes, usually thse are related to diabetes or circulatory issues but you have ruled that out.
    You may benefit from seeing a immunologist or allergist, depending on how much you want to delve into this.

    Do you have a spinal cord injury as well? I could not tell from your profile.


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    Oh my god, I'm going out of my head, the pain from my leg ulcers is driving my crazy. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    When I was a youngster, I said to myself, "Why do old people always look miserable and are usually in a bad mood". Now I know, they are always suffering with something that people when they are old.
    I can get a little respite from the arthritis, I just need to sit down and rest for a short while then after a bit, change my position. I know it's not for long but at least I get a little break from the pain down my right side from just below the waist, to my foot where it's worse. But these damn ulcers will not give me a minutes peace. Each day they get larger and more painful.
    Does anyone know of something I could ask my doctor to prescribe for me. These are what I have tried so far; Dihydrocodeine, Tramadol, Amitriptyline, Oralmorph. They are the pain killers I can think of off the top of my head. But unfortunately none of them help to ease the pain. I have tried quite large doses, just to see if I took more, it might work but it doesn't make any difference.
    The only good thing to come out of this is, all my life I have had a fear, a dread of dying. Now though, that fear has totally gone. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not suicidal, but at least I'll be rid of the constant pain. It's not living, it's just existing so that my body can harbour this terrible pain.
    Do people who have received burns, suffer the terrible pain all the time, or do they get drugs to stop the worse of the pain allowing them to get on with the everyday job of living their lives as best they can.
    Like everyone else, I have suffered pain, serious pain, in the past, in fact I actually died once back in the 80s but thanks to hospital staff and friends quick reactions, I pulled through. Thats a horror story best forgotten. The point I'm trying to make though is, all the injuries and pain suffered, were not perminant. I knew that eventually I would be alright,, I would heal in time and I just needed to be patient and wait for my body to heal itself.
    These damn leg ulcers have been hurting me for 6 years. I will be 65 this year and these ulcers show no signs of healing. In fact they expand at an alarming rate. I have kept a record of my ulcers, photographed them with my phone and then transfered the images to my pc. When I look at the images, it really shocks me, the difference between then and now.
    I would try anything right now, so any advice from anyone who has been through the same, I would totally love to hear from you.

    Mick (django47)

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    I meet many stories in the waiting room at the wound care centre where I go in Toronto.

    How about vasculitis? That may be a direction to go.
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