Yeah, dude there is no way I would let a guy give me a hard on. I don't think it's about being homophobic at all and I'm sure if it was a girl giving you a stiffy then I'm sure your girlfriend would definitely have a different opinion on it. She wouldn't want another girl giving you a stiffy so why a guy?

I hated having a male nurse help me out while I was in the rehab hospital. It just didn't feel right having a guy touching my bits. When it was too busy I had no other choice though.

If I had no choice and I couldn't find anyone else I would have told him the first time not to scrub my rod to the point of a rock hard diggler. Who cares if he does a good job and is respectful, if you don't want someone doing something to you then you need to tell the person not to do it. Just tell him in a nice way that it kind of makes you uncomfortable when he gets you hard even though he is just making sure that your clean.

I let nurses in the rehab hospital push me around and tell me what to do for too long and then I lost it on them which I didn't like doing but it worked. Shit, before my accident I was telling people twice my age what to do in the oilfield occupation I was in. Like fuck I was going to let some over paid rude nurses that thought they were the bosses treat me like that. I was a mentally competent adult and quite capable of making my own choices. After that I seemed to get respect from them, to my face anyway, if they talked behind my back or thought I was a dick well too bad for them. I got what I wanted the way I wanted and that's the way it should be.

fuentejps, your opinion has nothing to do with sugercoating and everything to do with making yourself seem superior over others. We got it you can take great care of yourself for the level of injury you are and that's great but you aren't in his shoe's or anyone else's. I would love to be as physically strong as you are and I wish I was able to cath myself too but at the moment I can't and that sucks but I'm nowhere near lazy. So can you take in to consideration the feelings of the people asking for helpful information?