Dr Wise,

My husband is my primary caregiver and, like many of us, he is here for me
when aides don't show or we fall into a huge hole where we don't qualify for this or that for more help ... let alone no shows. After 26 yrs of being a C4/5 Complete quad ... I've tried EVERYTHING.

So my issue right now to ask here in this forum is:

A little over a year ago my husband was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. He's not stupid and has taken full responsibility for the
possible reasons of his condition today. In fact he knows as much abt anatomy, physiology & microbiology as any Dr but that doesn't hgelp him now.

Being age 56 1/2 and obese and now diagnosed as being weight loss resistant he feels/knows he's at the point of no return.
Surgery is too risky for HIM (fat embolism, etc) and too costly even IF we could afford it.
He tried by himself (Dr Phil's weight loss plan ... NOT a diet) for over a yr of STEADY proper eating habits and exercise ... to not lose a pound. Since he had lost weight in the past he was bewildered as to why there were no results from his huge strict effort UNTIL the diagnosis.

I'm an eternal optimist and think there MUST be an answer. He is further bombarded by not having insurance so he can't Dr shop. He DID go to two internists who only offered advice like "you're out of shape." Like DUH!
This is after a battery of tests (blood, etc) done by the Dr! Round is a shape too Dr Idiot!

This condition IS rather new on the scene but not uncommon.

Stress is not good either and probably only added to his weight problem.

We're in Tucson, AZ. Isn't there anyone, any Dr, anything that my husband can get help through? Factoring in no insurance and no funds?

It affects his health, his ego as not being able to care-give as much as he'd like and so forth.

Any help is appreciated. We've exhausted all other options.